Tuesday, September 02, 2008

An Update on the Hurricane and Whatever, Y'all

Got a return call from Tommy 5, he said Hurricane Gustav was throwing down some pretty tough rain in his area, but he never lost power. Good for him, Katrina did enough to that side of our state, you know, when it totally missed New Orleans.

Gnutcase was reporting on location from Asscrack, Missouri on his way back home to Whineyville New Orleans, but I never got an update after he entered the bowels of Hell known to Southerners as Hartfield International Airport in Atlanta. Here's a little known tidbit, Hartfield is the busiest passenger airport in the world. Not O'Hare, not Dallas-Fort Worth, not JFK, not even Reagan. No, it's Hartfield, the single most fucked up place on the face of the earth, deep in the heart of Democrat controlled and spoiled Atlanta. *The image is the baggage claims area.*

Another tidbit, ever since Sherman marched through the South, there has been a petition to get Atlanta physically dug up and moved above the Mason-Dixon line, to increase our collective IQ down here, which currently hovers around 85. If Atlanta is moved, the IQ will shoot up to around 120. Oddly enough, there have been thirty billion signers of the petition over the years, yet STILL nothing happens. It seems that there exist no actual working people that have enough time and a big enough shovel to actually get close enough to Atlanta to start in on the task. The smell alone is like the festering boils on the mud ditches of 519,145 donkeys. Strangely enough, THAT is the exact population of Atlanta. Irony? You betcha!

Anyhoo, if you are really interested in reading about the damage from Gustav, go HERE. "So, when does the raping start?"

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