Friday, October 31, 2008

The Barryland News Network

Just giving y'all a Friday view of what exactly is going to happen when the first post-racial, racial candidate gets elected. It is going to be 100% about race, all the damn time. And dang, don't we need to talk about race just a little more? You know, since that is the only damn thing that we have talked about for about one hundred fifty years.

From NRO, do not think that electing Barry will help us put the race issue behind us, because he is only fifty percent of a race or not. DANG.

But, but, but, racism will make Barry lose? Dammit, pick one damn side and stick with it you morons. How can you have things BOTH WAYS?

But, but, but, if you are black, you have to vote for Obama? Otherwise you are an anti-re-racist that hates yourself? Oh, THIS comes from a *black publication*. Nevermind, you know how THEY are.

So, what happens if the black candidate loses according to a total douchebag? Well, of course, the black folks go totally batshit CRAZY. You just can't trust those minority folks. (By the way, did you see what happened when Philly won the Series? Pandachaos, folks. And they won!)

Do you know what is going to happen IF we screw up and elect the Obamoron? Dissent is cuddled like a newborn baby, given a warm and soothing blanket, and rocked gently to sleep. No, not exactly, dissenters are thrown out in the cold and culled from the HERD. Well, unless the dissenters hate our country and our military, then it's cool.

Although it is comforting to know that when the morons get total control of our government, science is going to brought back to the front of the line. Anthropomorphic Global Warming shall be dealt with in the most intelligent way. Whadda ya mean, the SCIENTISTS at MIT say there is no AGW?

If any of y'all are wondering exactly what to dress up like for this Halloween, why not go as a MORON? Do you remember just a couple of weeks ago, the Barrystream Media was coughing up their skulls about what Sarah Palin was wearing and where it came from? Well, wonder who actually bought Michelle "Moron" Obama's junk? Do you think that someone GAVE it to her for the Leno plug? Naw, that would never happen, huh? Sheeple. Every last one of them.

Last but certainly not least, BOOKMARK THIS, get up early tomorrow before the games start, I recommend two hours set aside, and read through this post. It is certainly not for the faint at heart, but for the Patriot that wants to get every single bit of information about the impending disaster that shall be an Obama presidency. This is serious, folks.

Up is down, right is wrong, night is day, and black is something that might be black, but probably isn't really black, but more of a "beige-ish tan" kinda color. Or not.

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For you Crackers that do not recognize the other person in the above photograph, it is none other than the Princeton University Chairman of the African American Studies Department, Cornel West. West is also the author of the best selling The Ethical Dimensions of Marxist Thought. In other words, West is exactly the kind of asshole that will have control of our country, if we elect Barry Obama.


Flea said...

Oh, you're such an old meanie. :)

Paul Mitchell said...

You're just mad 'cause I trashed the Tulsa Golden Hurricane(s?) in the below post.