Friday, October 17, 2008

Barry's Blueprint for Change

No one can continually say, "What does Barry's change mean?" Here is the whole thing with HIS links to parts of his website that tell you exactly what he is getting ready to do. It is the old proverbial burning couch, folks, right on your chest. Git skeered, 'cause it is gonna break the bank. It's sixty-four pages of complete craziness from the Obamoron himself. Please remember, math and science are based on facts, but in Barryland, facts are unimportant 'cause he's MAGIC.

My personal favorite part is that he is going to index minimum wage to inflation. First, he is going to institute the policies that Jimmy Carter put in place. Those drove inflation through the damn roof and should do the exact same thing again, then he is going to force employers to pay more and more for their least skilled employees! It is going to be awesome! Barry is a friggin' genius!

Thanks, Barry!

Will the FBI please go pick this guy up before it is too damn late?

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