Friday, October 17, 2008

Contrarian betting for the person who has everything.

Y'all saw the little BYU post that I e-mailed in last night, huh? The unranked Horned Frogs DESTROYED the number eight BYU Crackers. The very same BYU Crackers that have been in the rankings since drumming the hapless UCLA Purse-Carrying Swishies. The Crackers were in the rankings solely to help uSCCC and now it is even more obvious. By the way, the unranked Horned Frogs of TCU are also leading the number fourteen Utah Utes in the Mountain West standings. I am guessing that the Utes are up there for beating Oregon State and that helps uSCCC since they failed to beat Oregon State. Remember, the rankings are used solely to help uSCCC or tOSU play for the national championship. And if you only read ONE more post for the rest of your life, make it THIS with a graphic from LSU Freek depicting the BYU/TCU match-up. Eight gradated shades of awesome, right there for you.

Anyhoo, everyone that is going to be glued to the set tonight watching that Hawaii v. #15 Boise State game, raise your hand. Anyone? Anyone? Hello? Yeah, me, too, neither. Even though this game is pivotal to help uSCCC gain some slots. Hawaii lost to Oregon State, but Oregon State lost to the Utes and Oregon State beat uSCCC, soooo, you do the math. By the way, the line is Hawaii +24 O/U 52.

And one more HUGE game for uSCCC is the North Carolina v. Virginia game. Remember, Virginia is the ONE quality win that uSCCC has on the year. North Carolina is in the rankings because they beat Notre Dame last weekend and uSCCC plays Notre Dame at the end of November in the Trojans last game of the year. Just know that uSCCC's last game occurs about five weeks before the season ends for real footbaw teams.

On to the REAL footbaw. Who 'ya got?

Vandy (+14.5, O/U 43) all up in the Hedges. UGA has to blow Vandy out. They have to win this game by minimally 30 points. Their very rank depends upon it because in order for SEC teams to get the respect that they are due, they have to slaughter their opponents. 'Dawgs and the over.

Ole Miss (+11.5, O/U 49) at the Bammeroids. Same thing as above, the Bammeroids have to destroy Ole Miss. Ole Miss beat Florida, so Bammer needs this one and Coach SaBear is not stupid. Bammer and the over.

Arkansas Hillbillies (+7.5, O/U 45) at the Kentucky Hillbillies. Uh, who the Hell cares? Just for sheer craziness, I'm picking the 'Cats and the over because I think totally that it is going the other way. Contrarian of the contrarian of the contrarian. Figger that shit out.

We Suck (+7.5, O/U 37) at Rocky Top. The Vols suck, face it, they even lost to UCLA. That is bad. This is the last place team in the East v. the last place team in the West. Neither team has won on the road, and Rocky Top is a damn tough place to play. But, this is a good match-up of the worst of all worlds. I'm going with We Suck and the over. Sylvester Croom is the best coach in the world.

Geaux Tigers all up on the Cocks (+2.5, O/U 44.5). Dang, Vegas keeps telling me sumpin' about the Geaux Tigers, and I still ain't listening. The Cocks have the number three ranked defense in the country, have a better record than LSU, and are still the dawg. My upset special, Cocks and the under.

There's no line yet on the Barn playing the West Virginia Klansmen next Thursday. Sorry.

Oh Hell, let's call the #1 'Horns and #11 Mizzou (+4.5, O/U 67.5), just for shits and giggles. I have never thought that Daniels was that good, but he has hurt me before. Still, take the 'Horns and the over. I think that the score is going to be around 48-24, somewhere in that range. Here's a comment from EDSBS on this game that (Dead) Tommy 5 agrees with: Longhorns, you don’t know them very well, I know, but trust me—you don’t want to live in a world where Alabama is the top-ranked team in the country. Half of the actual state of Alabama concurs. Don’t fuck this up for the rest of us.

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