Saturday, October 25, 2008

College Gameday - October 25, 2008 (UPDATED)

Aw man, I am pumped about today. Today is the day that uSCCC leaves the top ten for good. If they lose or even if they win, their SoS should become so low as to render them useless in the sane footbaw world.

Enjoy the games today, folks. We'll see you throughout the day pointing out how bad my picks were.

UPDATE: Please check out the images at the bottom of the post. Well, I start the day out 2-1. Did y'all see UGA D-E-S-T-R-O-Y the Geaux Tigers? Or the Gates make the Kentucky Hillbillies look like the Billies of old? Or Vandy PROVE they couldn't pour piss outta a boot after you told them that the directions were on the bottom? Shit, man, they lost to DUKE! Duke doesn't even have a footbaw team, that was their starting basketball five that beat the Creepies. What about the 'Horns eek that one out against Okie State? Dang Cowboys, that was awesome. Texas Tech kill Kansas? And Oklahoma put the beatdown on K-State?

Be back later, y'all, to wrap it up.

UPDATE 2: Is anyone watching the SUCKFEST that is tOSU against Joe Pa?

UPDATE 3: We Suck and Ole Miss both won, yet let their opponents beat the spread in the last two minutes. BOTH FRIGGIN' TEAMS! And I had both O/U's right, too. Assholes. I am now 2-3. Dang Mississippi teams. One more SEC game and then the nightcap of junior college footbaw with uSCCC.

UPDATE 4: Alabama brings Deddy back to 3-3, they missed the O/U by three and were on the damn ten yard line when the game ended. Bammeroids.


Remember, Sylvester Croom is the best coach in the world. Twenty more years, baby.

By the way, for those of you keeping score at home, the SEC has won the championship four times, the Big 12 twice, and the ACC, Big East, Big 10 (11), and the PAC-10 all have won once. Just saying.

There have been a total of thirty searches for "college gameday" today. I have been number one all day long. I have my fingers straight up in ESPN's hair with their neck cocked back. Picture it, they are my bitch.

Then, some smarmy moron searches, adding the word "on" to his search and dethrones our hero. This can only mean the Okie State jumps UGA in the polls after today. Find the "on" adding moron and you have found the reason for the polls being screwed up. Really.

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