Sunday, October 26, 2008

Barry Obama Sunday Linkdump

Welp, since the news folks simply cannot do the job that they are supposed to do, I post these links to let y'all know what is up with the criminal syndicate known as the Obama Campaign. Realize that this guy is so damn corrupt he makes Bill Clinton look like Mother Teresa. That is not easily done.

As always, you could just read Gateway Pundit instead of coming here, but it is much more convenient for me to parse that information for you. THIS post lets you know that the Democrats are not waiting for the annointing of the Golden Child before they attempt to destroy our military and start taxing your 401k's into oblivion. Please keep this in mind when you go to the polls to decide who runs this country.

I found THIS after I published, of course the link comes through Gateway Pundit, too. All of the Magic Military Members are supporting the Obamessiah. Fitting. Also, the Obamabot, Hollis French, that ran the Sarah Palin witch hunt in Alaska is also a PHONY SOLDIER. (By the way, I think that I am just going to start copying and pasting all of Gateway Pundit's posts and of course just taking all the credit. It would save me an awful lot of time and you would get good posts every time without fail.)

Mississippi has gotten into the voter fraud race by registering more voters than adults in twenty-nine of the eighty-two counties in our state. Y'all Politics links HuffPo.

You read all about the "Republicans" that endorse Barry, but rarely read about the people that endorse him that he likes. How about the COMMUNIST PARTY USA? With militant Negro rapper pr0n!

How about an endorsement from Nihilists for Hope? THIS is posted on Barry's own site. Fitting, huh? Define nihilism: maintaining that nothing has a real existence. Two Dog's definition: admitting that you are a complete moron by declaring loudly your contradictory beliefs in nothing and in Barry Obama. Well, maybe that is not such a contradiction.

When the United Nations endorses a candidate for anything, immediately you should want to vote the exact opposite way, kinda like if I pick someone to win a footbaw game. MORE HERE.

When the Barrystream Media tells you that a "lifelong Republican" endorses Barry, they are LYING. Paul Ibrahim takes down CNN yet again. This makes over three hundred times this election cycle CNN has lied about a Barry supporter. If you still believe one single story from CNN, you are a moron, wear the badge proudly.

DO NOT EVER ASK THE OBAMA CAMPAIGN ANY QUESTIONS! Biden does a little interview on an Orlando television station. People are saying that he was asked "tough questions." No, he was asked questions that are normal considering the corruption that oozes from every pore of the Obama campaign. When asked if redistributing the wealth was a socialist idea, he responded, "Are you joking?" No, dumbass, I am not joking, that is exactly what socialism is, you moron. And immediately ALL interviews were canceled with this station. Shocked? WATCH HERE.

Wanted: Webmasters available for twenty-four hour shifts, scrubbing major campaign site for inaccuracies and outright lies. APPLY HERE. Also wanted, someone to receive and edit the facts published about the candidate and to send our talking points to the MEDIA. Define smear: anything that is factual about our candidate that shows him to be a piece of shit.

Kids can get on the act, too. Report any other children that are NOT bowing to DEAR LEADER. Dissent is NOT allowed.

Your pets can even get involved. Sign your dogs up to VOTE FOR OBAMA.

Help to find the right kind of voter for our candidate. It's easy, just look for people that HATE OUR COUNTRY.

Obama's father figure, Frank Marshall Davis, wrote pr0n and slept with little girls. Is that why Barry refuses to produce his BIRTH CERTIFICATES? You know because Uncle Frank took nekkid pictures of Barry's mother and Barry looks just like Uncle Frank?

More about Obama's best friends forever. You know, those friends that the Barrystreams will never mention.

More about the Rezco corruption and Barry criminal activity HERE.

And last, but not least, since you have seen every single idiot that can sing dedicate a song to the Obamoron, including Stevie Wonder's adaptation of practice scales, here's a good ditty by a normal person that eats crawfish for breakfast.

While I believe that every election is important to advance thinking and sound philosophy, this presidential race is between a decent guy that is centrist and a really corrupt guy that is far left and socialist. Choose wisely, a bunch of people are counting on your decision. About 6.7 BILLION to be exact. Yes, that IS the population of the world. If you have the time, go watch all of THESE VIDEOS.

Oh, I almost forgot, I watched the pr0n video put out by the Obama Campaign called "Nailin' Paylin" this morning. It SUCKS. Number one, the star doesn't even resemble Sarah Palin and she is NOT remotely sexy. And the action is pitiful, too. Shit, I was all primed for that movie. Uh, Barry, you must not like women too much if that is the best that you can do for pr0n.

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