Monday, October 27, 2008

Dear Senator Obama,

I write this because I am very concerned about NOT being able to talk about or discuss anything that you have said in the past, anything that you have voted for or against in the past, anyone that you have ever associated with in the past or who are your friends now, where any of your campaign contributions originated, whether or not you are actually eligible to run for ANY public office, much less the presidency, your ties with the corruption that caused the subprime housing financing to fail, your mistresses, racist churches that you attended, your abandonment of your half-brother George, your enthusiastic willingness to meet with terrorists, your extreme Marxist philosophy, your commitment to dismantle our military, your desire to abolish 401k's, your policy of taxing the employers and producers, and your accomplishment of being the MOST liberal elected person in the Congress. This is NOT a comprehensive list, just one that I threw together in two minutes.

Yet again, Obama has said that his statements to Joe the Plumber were just "misspeaking." When audio was found with him talking about wealth redistribution, Obama quickly labeled that yet another distraction. Poop, heck, dang. What can we talk about, HUH? <--Gateway Pundit, as if you didn't know. Please help us out here. Is there any topic that the smart people can discuss that you morons will not label a distraction? What is it that you deem important to talk about during this last week of the campaign? Hope? Change? Just tell us and we will play the game according to your rules. Just give us ONE FRIGGIN' THING that we can address that you deem important. Please, ONE? Love ya', mean it, Your friend and comrade, Two Dogs By the way, at least Barry doesn't think that the Constitution is THE FUNDAMENTAL FLAW of this country. Oh, sorry, that was a typo, I meant that HE DOES. From Moonbattery.

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