Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Little Update

On Saturday or Sunday I got hold of a little virus known as the Go Google redirect. Not pretty, so I have spent the last forty-eight hours making the Boo-Yow-Cray 26000 completely impervious to malicious crap and have had to completely back-up everything in an effort to keep my stuff secure. Go Google Virus is NOT pretty folks. Just a warning, if your browser all of the sudden changes fonts or fonts sizes, there is a problem.

Anyhoo, I have loaded even more protective software and changed browsers to get away from the numerous gaping holes in Internet Explorer 7. It is a challenge for me, but still I persevere. One thing that I do like about Firefox is the integral dictionary that works much in the same vein as the crazy, wonky one in Microsoft Office. I am used to overriding that, so it's normal for me. One thing that I do not like is that Firefox doesn't support DAP, so music and stuff cannot be loaded out of the way for the time being, and the download manager that is a bolt-on for Firefox blows goats and small bulls.

I also noticed that in Firefox, my blog is kinda screwy, so I am going to take the time to make some changes to make this, THE GREATEST COLLEGE GAMEDAY BLOG IN THE WORLD, more browser friendly. No, you will not have to pay more for this service, your monthly charges shall remain the same. I am not greedy, I am raking in the dust posting this blog, you know.

As far as the Barry Obama Watch goes, there are incidents coming out by the minute. Democrats invading Republican headquarters, Democrats saying that they heard someone say "nigger" at a Palin rally, Republican governors sealing Barry's birth records, The Politico saying that they are in the tank for Barry, dang, folks, these things should have been reported months and months ago.

And just so you are aware, the Barry tax plan started out on crushing the folks that make over 250k. Two months ago, that figure was revised downward to 200k. I poointed out that two weeks ago, the Magic Barry Calculator did not give a tax break to people making 185k. NOW, Biden says that the magic number is 150k. Get ready, that number shall be 42k before the year is out.

Sorry, gotta work, maybe I will catch up tomorrow. Be sweet.

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