Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Drive-by Blogging- The Douchebag Edition

This just in, Chris Matthews is a dumbass that needs to stay indoors and never be seen by human eyes.

Look, I am not enthused about voting for McCain, but the alternative is thousands of times worse. Shit, Barry even picked an obviously braindead moron to be his running mate. If he had taken the time to pick someone that was intelligent, thoughtful, and deliberative, things might be somewhat different, but no.

All that said, anyone that doesn't like Sarah Palin from the short glimpses that we have gotten of her, doesn't need to be out in public either. They certainly shouldn't be on television, kids might see them and make assumptions that they possess a minimum of intelligence. Please stop misleading the kids. PLEASE.

Read THIS.

Chris Matthews is an idiot.

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