Wednesday, October 22, 2008

WTW - Late Afternoon Barry Obama Linkdump!

I haven't attached my camera to my computer, but I promise that I have some redneck photos to upload of the Ross Barnett Reservoir. I ain't lying, I am just jumping through hoops trying to make some donuts.

Anyhoo, here's today's linkdump regarding the Chosen One. Well, the One chosen by all of our country's enemies anyway.

Eight different kinds of contradictions HERE. If you are planning on voting for someone that is backed by Joy Behar, you are a moron, just like her. With John Murtha pr0n! What a douchebag. Pennsylvania, you should be ashamed.

Any guess who the Chairman of the Federal Reserve is for in this presidential election? One hint, it AIN'T John McCain. All government people want is job security. Morons.

Can you imagine exactly what having a Democrat president with a Democrat Congress will do to your bank account and your retirement? KISS IT GOODBYE. Suckers! Wonder what will happen if a 401k is no longer tax deductible? Do you think that MORE capital or LESS capital will flow into the economy? You get one guess.

So you are a contrarian bettor, too? How is that going to work out for you? Obama's economic policies will usher in a period of retraction so profound you will wish for Jimmy Carter again. HERE's proof. Again I ask, why does Barry want everyone to be poor and hungry? To strengthen his control.

So socialism is now a race? Shut the fuck up, that is just beyond fucking stupid. Damn, what in the Hell do these media people take us for, morons? Well......just read THIS. Soon enough, people are going to say something stupid like keeping homosexuals from getting married is the same thing as keeping black folks from voting. Huh? Some morons already said that? You're kidding, right?

Last one. You know that the mainstream media is banking their entire careers on Barry getting elected and enforcing the ridiculous Fairness Doctrine, right? You know that the media is spending all of their time attacking Joe the Plumber instead of investigating Barry's crimes, right? Why is that, do you think? Is it because most Americans would run away from the stinking turd that is Barry Obama if they knew the truth about his overwhelming corruption? You damn skippy they would. Would it interest you to know that the only friends that Barry Obama has ever had were people that were ideologically opposed to every right in our Constitution? HERE. To put it simply, the mainstream media is honor bound to destroy our country by promoting the candidacy of Barry Obama. There is a term that encompasses what they are doing, it is "sedition." Lock 'em up.

This is kinda trashy, props to claney for sending it in.

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