Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Today's Hippest in Fashion

There was a fashion show somewhere with a bunch of morons wearing the latest fru-fru. Who cares?


Sorry, dang that is one fugly dude in drag. Thank goodness that he/she/ambiguous other is lucky enough to attend the show with K.D. Lang, though.

Full article HERE. Not safe for work, though, Juliette Lewis is on that page. You do not want to start projectile vomiting while using your new iPhone.

You just know that the photographer for these events is able to sit and eat a tuna fish sandwich while watching an autopsy or photographing a crime scene.

Dang, do you realize that Leatherface is more attractive than that? I could watch 2 girls 1 cup and it would not bother me as much as seeing these people.

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* I work in the field of architecture, folks, of course I am very well aware that is Donatella Versace, I still do not know why HE wears dresses though. My diet? Completely under control, I don't think that I want to eat ever again. Why do you ask? <--insert vomiting noises here-->