Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This Election has Gone 'Round the Bend

We have an admitted criminal running for president and he is backed by one of the two major parties. Yes, Barry Obama is a criminal, yet still he is not in jail. Why? Because he is special and no one wants to appear racist. Shit, people are dumb as Hell these days.

Here's the asinine link round-up of the day.

Who is the dumbest pick that you could possibly imagine for the Ambassador to Great Britain with a Obama presidency? If you picked Ronald McDonald, you would be RIGHT. Goodness gracious, people, he is not even serious about what the president of this country does. Is Barry retarded?

I am sorry to say that Barry has been wooing Republicans to his side. So far, there has been one, now there are two, including Mark Foley. But aren't all the limp-wristed nancy boys "out" for Barry?

Barry has finally had enough of the voter fraud and illegal registrations perpetrated on our great country by his "get out the vote" people, ACORN. He is asking the Department of Justice to start investigating WTF, John McCain? Dammit, he IS retarded.

Oh, never mind, this coming of Jesus just waited forty seven years to admit that he was the Messiah. DailyKOS kids done got religion? Aw Hell naw.

You know, this campaign has gotten so damn ridiculous that it wouldn't surprise me if Barry all of the sudden just dropped out and decided that he was going to attempt to take over the world instead. There appear to be no normal people standing up and saying, "Holy shit! Are you serious, you friggin' morons?"

Sorry, I forgot what I have been doing since October 2005.

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