Thursday, October 09, 2008

A Look into the Future by Way of the Past

There are a slew of folks talking about alternative forms of energy, the economy, free medical services for morons and deadbeats, forced servitude to the government, and all kinds of collectivist theories lately. Why? It is because our country has become a nation of pansies intent on refusing to look to the past to plan for our future. I appear to be the last remaining sane person alive.

And the losers shall not force me to assimilate. Sorry.

I have come to the conclusion that it is a fact that the dumbest human being that has ever run for president shall be elected in November. Barry Obama is going to be this country's next CiC. Oh joy.

But let's take a gander at what is going to happen based solely on facts.

Please remember that I am forty four years of age and I actually can remember what the Hell I had for dinner last night. Obviously most people cannot perform that simple task.

James Earl Carter was our thirty-ninth President, serving in that capacity from January 20, 1977 until January 20, 1981 when Ronald Wilson Reagan took over. Carter was the worst president this country has ever known. Only Franklin Delano Roosevelt is in the same class as Carter. Lyndon Baines Johnson was the only other president that made all strides to be included in that loser's bracket, but alas, he fell shy of achieving his goals.

Why was Carter so bad? Well, it was because he was a record setting moron. Our current market volatility is directly a result of Carter's economic socialism and Utopian views of the world. One of the major contributors to the utter failure of world markets under Carter's watch is surprisingly still around. Paul Volcker is still living and guess what he is doing right now?

Yep, he is another one of the contrarian advisers to Barry Obama's campaign of morons. But, he is also the legitimate patriarch to the economic advisory legacy that we still have today. And most people say that he was instrumental in killing inflation during Reagan's first term. I disagree. Please keep in mind that I am not an economist, yet I am also not a moron.

Volcker is credited with ushering in what at the time was the longest running peace time expansion in our country, which by all indicators is still going on. But, still he was at the helm when the economy tanked at the end of Reagan's second term. Oh, and he was is a card-carrying member of the Democrat Party. He was also involved with the idiotic idea to remove gold backing for our currency which led to the collapse of the Bretton Woods system.

After Volcker got run out of town on a rail, Reagan nominated and got confirmed another Democrat, Alan Greenspan. Greenspan was at one time a huge advocate of Ayn Rand's Objectivist policies, yet he turned to the dark side. And he continued the policies of the consummate moron, Paul Volcker. Greenspan manipulated the markets with a control of the money supply, increased regulation with the interest rates and further hampered economic growth by the philosophy of greater and greater government control until...

He got too old to do the job and went to work for Paulson & Company. Oddly enough, Paulson & Company is strangely making serious bank off of the problems in the foreclosure and Mortgage Backed Securities markets. That's just really funny and coincidental, huh?

A point of order here. Alan Greenspan is also married to the primetime moron, Andrea Mitchell, who nightly tells about how great Barry Obama is and how stupid Sarah Palin is. And wonder who performed the marriage ceremony for these folks? How about none other than Ruth Bader Ginsburg. You know, it is a very, very small world, isn't it? Is it a coincidence that these folks just keep moving from one job to another and they just keep rolling in the benjamins while NEVER producing one single beneficial thing?

Finally, we have the newest Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke who took the post in January of 2006. What has happened since that time? Well, Bernanke, who admits that he really doesn't think about the economy in totality, has concentrated on one very limited aspect of our financial stability, monetary policy. So admittedly, he is only interested in a very minute portion of the economy.

Okay, there's the background, now let's make the predictions on what is going to happen under Barry's assault on our freedoms.

Since I have never heard a single intelligent statement fall from Barry's cakehole, I make the assumption, based on facts, that he is a tee-total idiot. Every single vague policy statement that he has made has been completely contradictory to individual freedoms and has been geared toward redistribution of wealth from those that create it to those who sit on their fat asses and do nothing.

The fact that every single one of his financial advisers has been complicit in the failure of the economy and the stifling of legitimate business leads me to believe that is his ultimate goal. Freedom to create individual wealth shall not be allowed during Barry's assault on our country. Where shall this lead?

Within six months of Barry assuming his throne, we shall experience the increasing instability of the market, producing a knee-jerk reaction from people that have no clue what they are doing, further spiralling our economy into greater depths. The worldwide calamity shall be startling. Poor countries shall demand greater and greater support from the new president that has passed ONE piece of legislation in his career, the shit he helped to pass to carry Darfur financially forever.

Folks, we know from the past what we can expect in the future. We shall get even more government control directed by idiots and continue to say that it is a free market economy that is causing the problems. All the while NEVER attempting to even try to get to a free market economy. Get ready for the onrushing train, it's going to hurt running us down.

If my opinion seems to be all doom and gloom, what would you say if over 70% of all CEOs said that within three years, Obama's policies would bankrupt the nation? Well, they did.

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