Wednesday, October 08, 2008

More on the Obamessiah - Part MMCIV

I am forty-four years old. I am grown and do not require someone to feed me, clothe me, and take me to the doctor. Obviously, I am the only person that is capable of doing those things by myself.

Barry Obama is a moron. John McCain is half a moron. Neither of these choices appeals to me, but one is decidedly worse. See if you can guess which one.

If you would like an idea of exactly who promotes Barry Obama, listen to this. (Hat-Tip: Van Helsing)

Oddly enough, even George McGovern thinks that Barry Obama is a moron. Folks, when a wetbrain like McGovern thinks you are an idiot, trust me, you are an idiot.(Hat-Tip: Gateway Pundit)

Finally, SOMEONE tells about the time that Barry was a registered Communist.

And another SOMEONE gives the story of how Barry got his first name. I actually think that Barry is a complete ass, not just a half-ass.

Gonna be traveling today, I'll check back in around 9:00pm.

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