Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Twittering the Dumbass Debate UPDATED!

Update: In my opinion, it was a draw. Obama didn't get his head stuck in a bucket, so he gets a draw. Still, why is he so pissed off? Obama is just mad at the world and it shows. Dang, what does he have to be mad about? He has never had a damn job and he has never accomplished anything, yet still made 4.2 million dollars last year.

Bean says that Brokaw seemed non-partisan. She said that McCainiac won, too. Contradictory much?

Remember you have to keep hitting F5 to refresh the Twittering. Have fun, 'cause I am certainly not going to. I have to watch the Obamoron v. McCainiac. Damn me to Hell.

Here's my comments from Twitter. I took the time to flip these, just read from top to bottom. Mmmmmkay? Thanks.

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