Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lovetaps from Douchebags

Yep, I get hatemail. Yep, I get comments written by obvious idiots. Yep, I get into flame wars in comments on other blogs. This comment from an idiot was the funniest that I have seen in quite some time. Liberals are so sweet and caring. Dang, I cannot wait until the coronation of the Golden Child, we are going to be such an enlightened country afterward with peace, love, goodwill, and kissy-faces all around!

All *sic* from the moron.

In a battle of wits, you come armed with a pea-shooter.

Your compassion for fellow man, lower than whale sh*t (bottom of the sea)

You wisdom, you are as shallow as p*ss on concrete.

Thank goodness they pointed out that whale shit was at the bottom of the sea. Do whales even shit? But, where in the Hell is concrete?

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