Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Uh Oh. I am on the watch list.

I just checked my referral logs and wanted to let y'all know some goings on. So far this morning, there have been thirty-two direct hits from Mountain View, California from a little known company called Google. That scares me for one little reason. Every single post that I have ever done about Google has been a glowing oral lap dance. Never have I posted anything even remotely derogatory about the company and even my review of "The Google Story" book was a glowing review. Dammit, I lurve Google and every single thing about Google.

Maybe the hits are from the Go Google Virus post that I put up, but it seems unlikely that I would be in the top search results for that. Nawp, twenty pages deep and I am not on the search for that.

There can be only one reason that a bunch of hits have come from Google and that would be that someone is trying to flag my blog for inappropriate content. I can't think of a single other reason, unless our regular commenter, Roderick has gone to work at Google. That seems highly unlikely though.

Barry is trying to stifle dissent. Already, even before he has been anointed Savior of this great country.

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Skunkfeathers said...

Little surprise there...Oblahblah and Co think they have it in the bag, along with a super majority in the US Senate.

So they reckon they can stifle conservative talk radio with the Fairness Doctrine, and something akin for the internet and blogs; and bit by bit, pick apart those parts of the US Constitution that don't suit their socialist, marxist agenda.

You is on the watch list, bud. So's I. Since that's the case, let me suck up to the watchers with this: Oblahblah positively sucks.

Paul Mitchell said...

They can only boot me off Blogger and if they do, I will spend the six dollars to host the blog myself. Dickheads.

(Not really, Google, I love you, really I do. Just check all of my posts about Google!)