Monday, October 20, 2008

More on the Racist Colin Powell

Bunch of jabbering morons on the web today. Colin Powell, blah, blah, blah. Hey, I have an idea, let's IGNORE THAT! It means nothing and to me it seemed as if Powell was looking to get back into the political arena. At the age of John McCain, can you believe it? Anyhoo, I was RIGHT.

Now, we are left with the question of exactly how the left crawfishes from their claims that Colin Powell was a "house negro" and a warmongerererer. (Sorry, I never know how to spell that word.) How does the left simply drop the claims that Colin Powell was one of the reasons that we invaded Iraq, the poor little country that was just minding its own business and we jumped on them to steal their oil? I have no clue, but those ideas should be insane, as most of the bullshit coming from Democrats is. Bob Schieffer fellates Colin Powell. Contradictory, why Hell yeah.

Colin Powell's son Michael, who is also black, is voting for McCain, by the way. Maybe Colin Powell is senile, you know since he is so damn old like John McCain.

What of the claims that Joe O'Biden made about an international crisis occurring the minute that the Obamessiah becomes president? Doesn't that make you all warm and fuzzy that the election of Barry Obama will cause the world to immediately try him out to see what he is made of? It scares normal people to think that Barry is not already in jail, why wouldn't it be reasonable to wonder who exactly is going to invade our country when the most simpering milquetoast in our history leads out country? Even Joe O'Biden thinks that Barry is a dumbass, what gives?

Are you looking forward to Barry's ideas of spreading the wealth around? It has worked so wonderfully in Zimbabwe, why wouldn't it create rainbows and unicorns in the US? Why is it that morons are the only ones that get elected? What happened to the people that love our country and their desire to attempt to make it better? Oh, has anyone discovered a single friend of Barry Obama that DOESN'T hate the United States? Trust me, I have tried to find that person, but they are still eluding me. I do believe that Barry has to have at least one friend that does NOT hate the United States. Doesn't he?

Since I have tried to keep track of all the illegal activity that Barry has perpetrated on this country, I have posted minimally eight hundred posts about his corruption and graft. HERE's yet another little broken law in the long, long list of illegal behavior by The One. Do you realize that if Barry was Republican, he would have already been strapped in the CHAIR months and months ago. But, at least we have the Barrystream Media to keep us up to date on all of Barry's illegal activity.

Barry calls Bill Ayers, "a guy that lived in my neighborhood." But Bill Ayers was also a guy that shared an office with Barry for three years. Dang, Barry's neighborhood is WEIRD. And isn't it odd that a bunch of Communists would get together to share office expenses? Shouldn't the proletariat pay for those offices?

Barry published yet another lie about Ayers on his website. It too had to be SCRUBBED. And shockingly, USA Today tried to help him lie. IN. THE. TANK.

Oh, oh, oh, the Republicans are so mean and nasty. HERE's another article about how mean and nasty the Republicans are. Geez, do you think that we will ever hear about this? No, we will get to hear even more lies about those mean Republicans saying "Kill him" at Palin rallies. Dang, that really didn't happen, a reporter made it up. Shocking! I am certainly glad that even though Barry Obama KNEW that "Kill him" crap didn't happen, he didn't use that line as fodder at the last presidential debate. OH WAIT, he did.

Dammit folks, what the hell have you done to my country? Sheeple, every one.

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