Monday, October 20, 2008

Time Magazine Editor Admits his Insanity

We used to have a padded truck rolling around the neighborhoods picking these folks up. Democrats did away with that, and the homeless population exploded.

In today's media, those homeless lunatics have now found gainful employment. Granted, they offer nothing but their insane ramblings, but....

Well, I think the House and Senate are going to have a lot of moderates and a lot of liberals. And a lot of liberals in positions of authority. I am currently thinking, although there is speculation on both sides of this, that people like Congressman Emanuel, a friend of your program, and people like Charles Schumer, and others, maybe even Dick Durbin, who is relatively liberal, are going to be looking to work with Congress on behalf of the administration if there is an Obama administration to try to keep him from going crazy liberal. And I think that what will happen.

Will someone dispatch the insanity wagon to pick up Mark Halperin, he's friggin' nuts!

Story HERE. Audio included at the link and Halperin never even swallowed his tongue. Amazing.

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