Saturday, October 11, 2008

NCAA D-I Week Seven Scoreboard (UPDATED!)

This post is going to stay at the top today so I check scores without having to hit ESPN. I am really busy, but there are some things that I want to post on, so check the posts below. I shall try to make them interesting. Of course, they will never be as interesting as college footbaw.

We have a great gaggle of games today. Fire up the Commodore 64 and watch the gamecasts of all your favorite games. Yes, it is LIVE! on the Four Letter. If you look at this scoreboard, there are some drop downs on the upper right corner. Find the game that you are interested in, click on it, and go to that game page. You can watch live, you can just watch the gamecast which runs about a minute behind schedule, or you can fritter your life away by not lurving college footbaw.

And always know that it is this shitty little blog that completely p0wns ESPN for the search "College Gameday."

UPDATE(s): Well, obviously the Cocks have to start my day out wrong. 0-1 for me. Got the over though.

If there is anyone, anyone! in this country that is the kiss of death for footbaw like me, I really would like to meet them. We Suck made me 0-2 and I missed the O/U as well. Holeeeee She-it. Did the entire Vandy teamm get picked up for drunk driving last night or something?

I almost forgot that I picked one Junior College game today, and won that one. 'Horns over Sooners. I am 1-2.

Dammit, a friggin' half point on the UGA game. 1-3.

Got the Hogs game, but missed the O/U. 2-3. I needs the Geaux Tigers game to break even today. And so far, not looking good.

And finally, WAY TO GO, LSU! You made me 2-4 for the weekend. And screwed up your chances just like you did last year until everyone else collapsed.

With Missouri screwing up too is there a possibility for a NUMBER ONE TEXAS????

Scoreboard moved to October 18, 2008.

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