Sunday, October 12, 2008

College Footbaw Weekend Wrap-up

Well, the AP is out and it is friggin' crazy as expected. Since ranking has discounted the Strength of Schedule to keep uSCCC in the polls, we have to look at it, to prove that uSCCC doesn't deserve to be in this. There are a few other teams that do not deserve consideration either.

Also understand, that currently uSCCC is FOURTH in their conference, yet still ranked higher than any other team in their conference. As a matter of fact, only California, ranked number twenty-five, is a PAC-10 team. Stanford is even in front of uSCCC in the PAC-10. The Big 12 has six teams ranked, and the SEC has five. I mean, Hell, even the Big 10 (11) has three ranked teams. Obviously, as usual, the PAC-10 is the very least of the major conferences and has been for minimally twenty years, yet uSCCC is still right up there in the mix. And of course when the bowl season rolls around, they play a patsy like Michigan or Ohio State in their bowl and wind up as number two or three in the nation. It's sick, man.

Won't it be a laugh riot if uSCCC doesn't even get to go to the Rose Bowl? I seriously will shit my pants laughing over that.

Of the top ten teams, uSCCC and Brigham Young are the two that shouldn't be there. Utah, Boise State, North Carolina, and South Florida shouldn't be in the top twenty and none of the teams from 21-25 should be anywhere near the top of the heap.

Get a damn grip, voters. Let's get on with it to show why these polls are ridiculous. Reds are the teams that lost SoS slots, blue are the ones that gained SoS slots.

1. Texas (6-0) SoS 61 up from 119 (plays 5 ranked teams)
2. Alabama (6-0) SoS 104 up from 106 (plays 5 ranked teams)
3. Penn State (7-0) SoS 117 down from 112 (plays 3 ranked teams)
4. Oklahoma (5-1) SoS 38 up from 115 (plays 5 ranked teams)
5. Florida (5-1) SoS 116 down from 113 (plays 6 ranked teams)
6. uSCCC (4-1) SoS 90 down from 80 (plays 3 ranked teams, IF you count Cal and Oregon)
7. Texas Tech (6-0) SoS 113 down from 110 (plays 4 ranked teams)
8. Oklahoma State (6-0) SoS 60 up from 118 (plays 4 ranked teams)
9. Brigham Young (6-0) SoS 119 down from 117 (plays 1 ranked team)
10. Georgia (5-1) SoS 52 down from 51 (plays 6 ranked teams)
11. Missouri (5-1) SoS 39 up from 110 (plays 4 ranked teams)
12. Ohio State (6-1) SoS 49 down from 46 (plays 3 ranked teams)
13. LSU (4-1) SoS 88 up from 111 (plays 5 ranked teams)
14. Utah (7-0) SoS 112 down from 105 (plays 1 ranked team)
15. Boise State (5-0) SoS 114 down from 108 (plays 1 ranked team, IF you count Oregon)
16. Kansas (5-1) SoS 109 down from 104 (plays 5 ranked teams)
17. Va Tech (5-1) SoS 37 up from 42 (plays 1 ranked team, IF you count North Carolina)
18. North Carolina (5-1) SoS 86 up from 93 (plays 2 ranked teams, IF you count Conn)
19. South Florida (5-1) SoS 101 up from 102 (plays 1 ranked team)
20. Michigan State (6-1) SoS 94 up from 103 (plays 2 ranked teams)
21. Wake Forest (4-1) SoS 66 down from 62 (plays 2 ranked teams)
22, Vanderbilt (5-1) SoS 95 up from 97 (plays 6 ranked teams)
23. Pittsburgh (4-1) SoS 81 up from 84 (plays 1 ranked team)
24. Ball State (7-0) SoS 118 down from 114 (plays 0 ranked teams)
25. Cal (4-1) SoS 106 up from 109 (plays 1 ranked team)

Please understand that the Strength of Schedule rankings are set at the beginning of the year based on pre-season rankings. Pre-season rankings ALWAYS show uSCCC at the very top and then as the season drags on and they play no teams that ever win a game, their SoS plummets like a rock. Oh course, tOSU is also ALWAYS ranked near the top and they do not play anyone either.

And never forget, of the teams that are always ranked pre-season, two of them do not play a full schedule that includes a conference championship game, uSCCC and tOSU. Hinky, huh?

Just listen to the guy that so far has yet to break .500 with his picks. I know what the Hell I am talking about.

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