Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Okay, I am Convinced - I am voting for the McCainiac.

For all practical purposes, you could say that I actually hate John McCain. I believe in our Constitution and the McCainiac has penned legislation, along with Russ Feingold, that destroys one of our First Amendment rights. No, I don't mean one of those imaginary rights, like freedom from all mentions of G_d, the right to free healthcare, the right to have sex on the court house lawn, no I mean the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (McCain-Feingold) that limits our rights to free speech.

When you talk like I do, free speech is a necessity. Lemme tell 'ya.

Anyhoo, in the past week, there has been much that has happened to prove to me that electing Barry Obama would be much worse than electing John McCain. I am discounting that McCainiac DID serve his country and performed those duties honorably, but he is too centrist for my tastes. He is a cooperator and a compromiser. I am not, and I do not like someone that is a milquetoast and doesn't stand on moral principles. McCain doesn't make a stand, he avoids confrontation. Well, except on abortion, he has been solidly against it and I appreciate that. (Please, that whole paragraph is written just like it was spoken. I know that the grammar is horrible, that's what makes it so damn charming.)

I needed to sit this one out because if I actually snatch the damn lever for McCain, I have relaxed my principles. That is NOT something that I am wont to do. However, it has come to light that I have no choice other than to keep my eye on the big picture and try to help slow the slide away from freedom and towards the failed experiment of collectivism.

Here's how I came to this conclusion. We all know that Barry Obama is a devout socialist. Every single one of his friends in his entire life has been of that same mentality. Starting with his moonbat grandparents, on to his Communist father and his radical anthropologist mother, his pedophilia practicing, Communist "Uncle Frank," mentor and soulmate Bill Ayers, his pastor Jeremiah Wright and douchebag Father Michael Pfleger, his moronic, idiotic America-hating wife, Code Pink founder and moonbat military hating moron Jodie Evans, dang, I am not even a twentieth of the way through the list. Does Obama even know anyone that doesn't hate the United States of America?

We also know that Barry Obama and his campaign staff have been actively attempting to compromise our efforts in the Middle East. I don't know if he is too stupid to understand that is actually what he is doing or if he just doesn't care. Maybe both. But, when your surrogates (TWICE!) hold meetings and conferences with the terrorist group, Hamas, there is something dreadfully wrong with your philosophical viewpoint of the world. Or maybe you just hate the Jewish people and think Israel needs to be destroyed. Pick one, there are no other choices.

Furthermore, we know that Barry Obama lies as much as, or even more than the Clintons do. I know that is hard to believe, but when a candidate makes all efforts to completely erase his past, that screams loudly that something is amiss. Make no mistake, folks, Barry's philosophies are completely contrary to the things that he publicly advocates. Marxist, fascist, or socialist policies DO NOT help the poor, they destroy the poor. All you have to do to understand that is take a look at the places where those policies were tried and you will see that the elites made out like bandits and the commoners starved to death or were put to death by the political machine run by those few elites.

In the last month or so, efforts to register more people to vote for Barry have been ramped up by groups like ACORN. Barry claims that he has never worked for ACORN, but that is a blatant lie. The funny part about that lie, is that Barry made all attempts to scrub those facts from the record, but the truth squad was too persistent. Numerous accounts of Barry's involvement have surfaced and are readily available. HERE's one. And funny how all of their stepped up efforts to commit voter fraud are all in swing state, HUH? (Those are both from Gateway Pundit and if you are not reading that blog daily, you are not informed.) Also, it's really strange that the group that Barry claims that he did not work for, was also started by Wade Rathke, who was member of the Students for a Democratic Society which spawned the Weathermen that bombed federal buildings. That circle returns to Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn. Well, enough about Obama's love affair with national terrorists and international terrorists, that still didn't convince me to vote for the McCainiac.

Also, this past week yet another character shortcoming arose about the Obamoron. It seems that he was cheating on his wife. Dude, that is just so not cool with me, even if your wife is as unattractive, hateful, vicious, and downright mean as Michelle Obama. You see, when someone cannot show integrity in his or her personal life, what does that say for their character? If a person stands before G_d, family and church, publicly professes their love for another, and makes a vow of devotion and "plights their throth," that means something to GOOD people. Come on! How hard is it to keep your damn meatsicle caged? And when you get busted by your MAD BLACK WOMAN, you ship the vaginal clown car off to Martinique? Well, it's just a RUMOR, but you know, where there's smoke, there's fire.

And still I held out.

Today, I was catching up on my daily reads, over 200 missed blog posts, and I stumbled across THIS from Sobekpundit regarding the appointment of the Supremes. Having complete knowledge of Obama's attempts to scrub the Web for any references of his sedition, his campaign's attempts to manipulate the election and willful efforts to commit voter fraud, his legal effort to silence critics, and his support of all things un-American, led me to grasp the exact extent of the penalties that I face IF Obama is elected.

Barry Obama has made it his solemn vow to shut down this blog and that will NOT do! My seven readers DEMAND the mediocrity that they depend upon and I shall make every attempt to continue this blog, up to and beyond getting arrested. I've been to jail before, it ain't so bad. I could do it again if I had to.

Oh, and THIS just in, the anti-Semite Jesse Jackson tells the World Policy Forum that Barry Obama does indeed HATE Jews.

HERE's a new one, Identity Thieves for Obama!

Or, ARSONISTS for Obama!

Shit, McCainiac for President. Dang.

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