Thursday, October 16, 2008

The state of the State of Mississippi sports.

Reading the Clarion Ledger today while I scarfed down my pizza and salad, I noticed some great headlines, as well as new news.

This was my favorite headline: "Comegy counts on D-Line to apply pressure." My first thought was, "Hey! That is a great concept that has never been tried in the history of football." Then I realized that not only are athletes and sportscasters morons, but obviously coaches are morons, too.

And then I started coming up with new sports headlines like, "Mike Tyson says new strategy is to beat his opponent smartly about the head and body." Or, "Michael Phelps makes plans to swim very quickly." Or, "John Madden proposes Holy Matrimony to Brett Favre." Or "Michael Vick plans to NOT have any dogs after prison." What you got?

Also in the Mississippi sporting news is this, "MSU, JSU set historic matchup for '09." I remember the first time that Mississippi State played Mississippi Valley State in baseball. After the first inning, the score was 27-0. I am pretty sure that they called the game shortly thereafter. BUT.....this is a football game. Mississippi State is just the kind of SOB that would lose this game. So......what thinks you, good or bad?

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