Thursday, October 16, 2008

Barry Obama's Magic Tax Calculator

I got to playing around with the Obamoron's Magic Tax Calculator today and realized something. The people that benefit the most from Barry's plans for instituting wealth redistribution are also the dumbest people in the country. Weird, huh?

This is an image of my results when comparing families with kids. The dumb family earns 20k, is filing jointly, and has uno child. (See what I did right there?) According to Barry's Magic Tax Calculator, they get a tax break of $2274.00. The fun part about that is that they are only on the hook for 953.00 according to the IRS Really True, Not Crazy Calculator for that classification and salary. WOW! Barry is AWESOME!!!!

Let's look at the other two, Normal People would get $1549.00 in savings, and the IRS says that right now your total tax bill without any deductions would be @7,991.00. So Barry's bribe for your vote would bring you to only $6442, in essence a 20% tax cut, without lowering your rate. IT'S MAGIC!

And now for the successful family. Barry is going to give you back 542 smacks. Who gives a shit? Why do I say this? Because your tax liability is already $47,567.00, which amounts to over twenty percent of your income anyway. 542 dollars is akin to throwing bricks in the Grand Canyon. That helps NO ONE!

This test was for all of you kids just coming out of school, that have yet to spawn and owe nothing to anyone. The most that you are eligible to receive is a 500 dollar tax credit if you are slinging hash at the midnight diner. According to Barry, you do not count. It is weird that if you make between 150k-200k, you get 34 bucks back, but if you make 100k-150k , you get nothing. According to Barry, if you make under 250k, you were getting a cut, I guess that he lied, because, if you make 100k and are single, you do not get a cut. He is a lying piece of shit.

This last one is to show you where all the money is going with a Barry dictatorship. To dumb people that drop kids all day long and never work, while running up their debt. Click this one to see it big. On every run I did, I used the one million dollars that you owe on your house, except, I did one more. The same multiple spawning married couple that owes nothing. You would get an additional 1300 dollars if you owed one million than you would if you owed nothing. Barry's plan rewards failure and punishes success. just so you know, you have to make more than 38k a year before you have any tax liability with this scenario. At 50k it is just 1100 bucks.

Think about it, because it is on his own website and uses his own calculator.

You should try it and then compare Barry's claims to the IRS LAW.

Also, HERE is the supposed plan that Barry has for taxes in pdf format. There are some fun parts in it, because it was written by an obviously insane person.

According to Barry's sheeple, the 2007 typical tuition for a year of a public four year university is $6185.00. My college education cost me almost 12k a year and I graduated from Mississippi State University. Where in the mortal Hell do they get their figures?

Another thing is that Barry intends to demand that minimally two percent of families RETURN the cuts they received over the last eight years. So, not only is Barry going to raise all rates across the board, one point five million people are going to have to PAY A PENALTY FROM THE LAST EIGHT YEARS! It is written on his site in that document that I linked, folks!!!!!

Read the last paragraph of page one of Barry's plan, there are minimally eighteen intertwined contradictions in one sentence. It is a paradox, wrapped up in a rainbow, bound by pixie dust, and inserted into the anus of a unicorn. Can you say, "Freak out, man?"

The fun part of all this is that he is lying and everyone knows it and no one will call him on it. They are afraid of being called racists.

Well, I could not care less if someone calls me a racist, I do not care what other people think of me. Anyone that thinks that they will be better off financially under a Barry Obama administation is a dumbass and should not vote. That is the truth and no one can deny that.

Please take the time to comment.

This one was just for shits and giggles, I just cannot believe that there are any single parents with more than one kid, but IF there were, dang, they get a bunch of money from the imaginary money tree.


Rightwingsnarkle said...

Oh, you're gonna have plenty of things to fake outrage over during the next eight years.

Maybe you'll get tired of it.

Then again, fake outrage is the gatorade of wingnuts. Is it in you?

Paul Mitchell said...

Hopefully the McCainiac won't be president for the full eight years, RWS. I am certainly not a fan of his.

Are you planning on visiting your chosen candidate in jail when he gets indicted for all of his illegal activity or will your love affair with the Obamoron end when he gets busted?

Anonymous said...

The only thing Obama isn't promising us is blow jobs.

Paul Mitchell said...

Anon, just give it time, we still have almost two weeks.

Anonymous said...

The only thing Obama isn't promising us is blow jobs.

Two Dogs said...

Anon, just give it time, we still have almost two weeks.