Thursday, October 23, 2008

What in the Hell? What Kind of Racist Society?

Occasionally, some things just have to be said. Sorry for being the person that usually has to say it.

I read the Wall Street Journal. It is certainly NOT to help my investing strategy, but it is to get the leftwing political bent without the crazy of the New York Times, The LA Times, The Trib, blah..... Yes, the Wall Street Journal is a liberal paper, LIKE ALL OF THEM! The people that work for the paper are JOURNALISTS, they are morons like TEACHERS or POLITICIANS. Get a grip, folks.

Anyhoo, there was an article in the WSJ that just blew my damn aorta yesterday and I have not been able to slow my heart rate down enough to even try to write a cogent article about the article. READ THIS.

Did you read it?

Poor little brown person, Jose Luis Hernandez, is an illegal has been able to save over 100k and he is not yet 33 years old. He is a criminal in this country illegally, the WSJ interviewed him and there are no ICE guys beating his ass in the street. Do you see a problem here? And why in the mortal FUCK would the IRS issue an identification number to a fucking criminal? Do you see the blatant hypocrisy there or am I the last damn sane person in this country?

Folks, nothing is mutually exclusive. If you are one of the morons that talks about spreading the wealth around, go beat the shit out of Jose and spread his illegal wealth around. If you want to spread the wealth around, go beat the shit outta whomever gave this guy an identification number that allowed him to open a bank account and spread their wealth around. Those of us that are working to make the donuts are fucking sick of these criminals and the people that help them break the law.

Spread the wealth, shit, I want to spread the ass-beatings around.

And while I am still very upset, THIS makes me happy if for no other reason than it gives me HOPE. Axl is finally releasing the record? Maybe it's time for some more plugs whatever in the Hell that is on his head.

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Autumn Haven said...

wth? No, you are not the last sane person...because the WSJ story is revolting. grrrr

As for GNR...well...I lost interest in Axl long ago. He's too Prima Donna for me, lol. (although I still love 'Appetite'. That was their best album IMHO)

Paul Mitchell said...

Yes, Amy Jo, Axl is certainly a little bent. Strike that, very bent. I did enjoy Illusion I and II much more than Appetite, though. I just liked their stuff in general, but alas, all good things must come to an end. From what I have heard of this new stuff, it is not bad but doesn't really sound like the old late 80's and early 90's stuff.

Denise said...

How in the blue blazes did he save 100K? I worked for 17 years before I became disabled, and at no point did I come near making enough to save 100K. I think my pay topped out around 16K one year, and that was working for Uncle Sam. Life sometimes sucks for legals, doesn't it?

Paul Mitchell said...

Well, Denise, you were not sharing a two bedroom house with fourteen of your closest friends. There is a decidedly different culture and the Mexicans that come here are coming here to work and save.

I am certainly glad that at least one other person in the world picked up on what I deemed to be the important thing in this story. A dishwasher, been here ten years, has accumulated 10k per year. Awesome, but still he needs to be in jail.