Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Crumb-Crunchers

I try to publish the spawn of my friends whenever they actually find a woman that wants to reproduce with them. Of my nearly seven hundred dear and close friends, I think that about six of them have spawned. What does that tell you?

(Dead) Tommy 5 sends this in of his newborn daughter. The person on the far left is obviously Deanna, though I really cannot tell because I am not intimately involved enough with the scant skin of the tip of her nose and chin to be certain. The color is right, but it's just a guess. And (Dead) Tommy 5 thought that the lighting was not sufficient for his camera/phone, so he rolled in some stadium lights from Bryant-Denny to make sure Baby Muadnait Aibreann Rionach Gobnait was seen. Wait, that is not her name, I know that it is some descriptive Gaelic name, 'causing they's Crackers from wayback.

Her real name is Braelyn Grace, but we are not sure who the father is yet, so the last name will have to wait.

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Congrats Tommy and Deanna. She looks just like Farley.