Thursday, October 23, 2008

Using Control F for fun and profit!

I get e-mails from some really smart people and then some that are not so smart. I get some from people that obviously do not know me, yet still feel the need to tell me that I am a racist or a bigot or a "hater." Ah, the joys of actually speaking your mind in today's panty-wearing booty-boy age of hyper-sensitivity.

I have no idea who exactly told some of y'all that life was a cakewalk and that you were to NEVER be offended in your life, but folks, those people were damn wrong. And you need to find someone else to lead your flock of sheeple.

Lemme hepp you out a little here, person that thought that I gave one shit about your opinion. Barack Obama is a fucking douchebag. If you think for one single second that he cares one minute iota of what is going on in your life, you are a douchebag as well. Obama is a politician and it is his seedy job to get elected, otherwise he cannot fleece anymore people that work and pay taxes. He needs to be able to fleece those people that work and pay taxes so he can give money to his buddies and make them rich where they can sit on their asses and watch you starve. And in Barry's case, he needs to be able to direct more money to really, really bad organizations, headed by his anarchist and socialist friends, that destroy your kid's ability to learn stuff that is important.

If you think this is just unbelievable because Barry Obama is awesome in your opinion, you, my friend, are a fucking idiot.

Here's a little guide to help you learn something about this country, the one that you were born in, and have been awarded the benefits of, for your entire life. These are links to the various parts of the Constitution of the United States of America. Click on these individual links, and then think about what Barry has promised you. Hold down your "Control" key and the "F" key, this pops up a little "Find" box. Type that thing that Barry promised you in that "Find" box and hit "Next." You have the keys to your future now, moron, I hope that you drive wisely.


Article One

Article Two

Article Three

Article Four

Article Five

Article Six

Article Seven

The Signers

The Amendments

Please understand that according to this document, anything NOT explicitly discussed herein is an issue for the states to decide INDIVIDUALLY. It kinda HAMMERS that home with a sixteen pound sledge in Amendment Ten.

Since "healthcare" (that ridiculously vague idiotic topic brought up by people that need to buy votes from morons) was your basis for your email, I shall wager with you, one thousand US Dollars against your day old donut that you cannot find that word anywhere in the Constitution. There is no time limit on this test, however I do request that my winnings be delivered no more than one day old, those are my stipulations, sir/ma'am/undecided. Barry fellating moron.

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