Monday, November 10, 2008

Bark Obama's victory ain't about race.

Good lord, I sat down to eat a few brats and cracked open the dog trainer. This jumped out and bit me.

Obama earned presidency while playing by the 'rules'

I see where the problem is. A son of slaves comes along, picks up the rulebook written by a great white father for great white fathers, learns the game and outfoxes the great white fathers at their own game. Man, what a turn of events!

Rest the rest of the silliness HERE, yes I left a comment.

One more thing, the Clarion Ledger had to decide to publish this article, knowing full well that the only parallels that Bark's family has with slaves was OWNING them. Naw, there is not one shred of media bias. Nope, didn't happen.

One more thing from today's paper, the MSU College of Architecture fifth year program's BLOG.

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Anonymous said...

Well. I see a problem second sentence in. As far as known there is slavery in Obams's heritage. But he's not a son of slaves, but in fact a son of slaveholders. Or doesn't that make a difference?

-- No, not THAT Glenn

Anonymous said...

oops sorry you were ahead of me. But we were both in front of your paper. Not that that would be anything new.

Paul Mitchell said...

Okay, I'll bite, if you are not THAT Glenn, which one are you?

You must know that there exists a Glenn that is the sole person on my shit list if you post like that.