Monday, November 10, 2008

This has to be done.

I ran across this photo looking for some portfolio stuff and laughed my ass off. *Click it for the full size photo.*

These are almost all of the folks that I hung out with in college. We are missing TPriddy, this was on his wedding day. All the guys were my fellow architecture students, except for Teddy Cakes. I have no idea who the chick is that is fawning over Farley, but, for some strange reason, I think that we are all supposed to hate her. I could be wrong.

We were all smiling because we were finally assured that TPriddy was not actually gay or was going to make all attempts to mask it by getting married to a WOMAN!

In case you ARE curious, yes Teddy Cakes is the fastest human to ever live. And no, TL is doing some kind of funny bending down thing, he is almost as tall as I am. That Asian stereotype about being small and yellow is a fallacy, at least with the Taiwanese. But, you put enough beer in that guy and he turns bright red or at least the color of my header band.

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