Friday, November 07, 2008

Blegging for our guys.

Occasionally, I promote a non-profit or another blog or a fund raiser here. This time it is for me. I need y'all to send me a bunch of damn money. Make sure you pack it in a Fed Ex envelope and send nothing but cash. I need it bad. I got a flat on the truck and I need to get it fixed.

Not really.

Justin Higgins is a college student that attends tOSU and is in the running for a 10k blogging scholarship. He's one of us. Don't pay any attention to that hoodie he's wearing in the photo on his site. Your support requires nothing but a short trip to another blog site to vote for him. The ballot is HERE. Go vote for Justin Higgins. Do it NOW.

If he wins, he will swear off Big 10 (11) footbaw and renounce tOSU forever. We'll try to get him in an SEC school, but I am not sure that any of his courses will transfer, we know how bad those Big 10 (11) schools are. I am really not sure that they even speak English in Ohio, has anyone that you know ever been there?

But, before anyone gets their panties all bunched up about the Big 10 (11) thing, this is a kid that likes BASEBALL, too. Go vote for Justin Higgins.

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