Saturday, November 08, 2008

The "Future" of the Republican Party

There is much, much jabber-jawing about the future of the Republican Party on the Interblags today. I might as well chime in, send a bunch of links to all the major players, and try to stir the bucket of shit that is obviously overflowing. Hell, why not?

The election told us one thing and one thing only. At least fifty-two percent of this country are morons that have no idea why they are in the voting booth. Folks, we already knew that. Barry Obama got elected because he did the Lois Griffin election crap. He spoke a bunch of empty platitudes to a bunch of sheeple. There is no one in this country that actually has a mind and believes any of the rainbow covered, yogurt raisin bullshit that he spread. Sure, there are quite a few college kids that think he's dreamy. But, chances are real good that it will be a damn long while before any of those morons switch over to our side. Plus, they listen to Fiddy.

The median age in this country is 31.5 years old. In case you are not savvy enough to understand this concept, lemme spell it out for you. The overwhelming majority of folks that vote are older than that. Many, many times the number that are younger. The birth rate is plummeting, yo. Where should someone concentrate their attention to gain control in the short term, hmmmm? College kids? Or the older folks?

The long term will take care of itself IF the adults can get the reins back.

Let's get a damn grip for a minute and take a gander at some history. Do you recall Dan Quayle? The media turned him into a laughing stock. They did the same thing to Sarah Palin. For anyone to push Sarah Palin as the next, best hope for the Party of the Adults, is asinine. She is tainted right now, ease off the Sarah gas pedal for a minute. Plus, Governor Palin is only forty-four years old, she's got plenty of time to shrug off that stigma, we just have to buckle down and help her do that. But, being governor is really, really good.

Now, there are some others that are pushing Newt as the new head of the Republican Party and I think that is a great pick, but Newt has been trashed in the past and y'all let him get ground under the wheels of the media bus, too. I watched Newt get trashed from all sides and was amazed, now he is supposed to come back and deal with that bullshit again? I just don't see it.

I don't have an answer for that, either.

There needs to be some strategery here, y'all. Develop the plan and then work it. Democrats only consider the immediate situation, that is their philosophy. Meet an immediate problem head on and tackle that one. Nevermind that nothing happens in a vacuum and every one of their solutions is a trainwreck. We are not built that way, ours is a thinking path. We state our goal and then address the smaller pictures to achieve that goal.

Here's what I got. We cannot jump out and push our favorite, we have to shield that card for a time. I suggest Dr. Condoleezza Rice as the next Republican presidential candidate. Dr. Rice is extremely intelligent, has much experience, is respected throughout the world and get this, SHE is BLACK. It's a two-fer. I am not saying that she is more qualified because she is female and black, but it is promoting the inclusiveness that has always been the Republican mantra. Shit y'all, the Republicans freed the slaves and fought to get women the right to vote. We fought Democrats tooth and nail to get rid of Jim Crow and to pass the civil rights legislation of the 1950's and 1960's. AGAINST THE DEMOCRATS! Now, Republicans are called the party of racism and sexist? How the Hell did that happen? That's screwed up, and it ain't us at all.

We should not only draft Dr. Rice for president, but also promote Sarah Palin as the vice presidential nominee. This would give Dr. Rice eight years to attempt to correct the failure of four years of lunacy, but it would also groom Palin to take over at the end of Dr. Rice's second term. Yeah, I realize that I am way out in front here, but it is a damn plan.

Look at all the younger conservatives that are in this party. They are the power behind the message. And finally those younger folks need to be sure to promote the tenets of smaller government and fiscal restraint. You know damn well that Barry is a one termer. The economy is going to go to Hell in a handbasket, the Democrats taking control of Congress has already started that off swimmingly and as usual, we, the adults will have to clean up the kid's room. The urgent need is to be ready to do just that. And it starts now.

So, I have solved the problem of developing the big picture, now y'all get us the Congress that we need. Sorry, Mississippi ain't going to help too much. We do have two Republican Senators, but we have three Democrats and one Republican in the House. Trust me when I say, the only way that we will get rid of those three representatives is if one of them forgets to lock the bedroom door and someone catches them in bed with an under aged boy.

This should be the 2012 Republican ticket. And I'm sticking to it.

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juandos said...

"At least fifty-two percent of this country are morons that have no idea why they are in the voting booth"...


Just to add something to that, how many actually know what's in the Constitution?

Apparently both Congress and the Supreme Court don't see this abysmal ignorance as an impediment to voting intelligently...

christian soldier said...

The overview is good -I'll have to think about it...
The last time I heard C.Rice speak-I got the 'funny' feeling that she was supporting BHO---
perhaps I'm gun shy after the Powell flip-although I expected his move...

Basil said...


I'd hit that ... lever.

Denise said...

Not quite with you on this one, TD. As Sarah has a 91% favorable rating with Republicans, both conservative and moderate, I'd put her on the left side of the picture as President (she will have had a lot more executive experience by then), and I'd put either Bobby Jindal or Michael Steele on the right side of the picture. Either one is fine with me.

Autumn Haven said...

hmmmm....that is a ticket I could support. We (Republicans) need to do something, or we will become obsolete.

The only thing that really freaks me out about The Wall are those weird masks the kids have on in the video. *yeeeek* All in all, I love Pink Floyd!

Gail said...

First of all, contempt for the American people is never a good idea if you want to influence them.

This election was not about the American people. It was about illegal foreign campaign donations, it was about a lying manipulative media and voter registration and voter fraud and miscellaneous as yet undocumented chicanery. It is about a huge socialist machine with and ACORN on the face, funded generously by the American Taxpayer and various enemies of freedom and capitalism.

The American people are basically honest and forthright. They did not expect to be deceived by fellow Americans. They were inundated with 3x positive campaign information about Obama, a fraction of positive information about McCain and a deluge of negative information about him.

Most people have jobs, they have families to rear, they do volunteer work and in general have very full lives. YOU CANNOT EXPECT THEM TO ALL BE POLITICAL JUNKIES. Having a life does not equal being "sheeple".

The thing is, it's hard to fool the same person twice. We have a new generation who has been mis-educated with false history of the U.S. They have been indoctrinated into multi-culturalism and moral relativity. They have not ever been given an alternate viewpoint to evaluate. We have stood by and allowed conservative values to be maligned and equated with fascism. We have stood by while President Bush was villianized and belittled him ourselves.

We have stood by and let it all happen. While the blogs are helpful in portraying the factual information, they do not have sufficient play in the marketplace of information for the average citizen.

It's not enough to sit around and "be right", you have to be effective. We, who are more aware, who have time to filter through all of this information, need to take responsibility for failing to get the message out.

It's not enough to sit around in your pajamas and blog. Doesn't matter if you're right if only other people sitting around in their pajamas are reading it.

Here are two websites to groups who are trying to act.

There are probably more. If we will not defend our principles and promote them, no one will.

Stop whining and criticizing and get busy. Start with where you could and should have done more. Then start doing it.

Best regards,
Gail S

Nigel said...


Very astute analysis methinks...


Hmmm...Rice/Palin? Hadn't thought of that and that ticket intrigues me some. The only thing is that I don't think Condi wants any part of elected office. Of course we'd have a few years to convince her.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. hadn't thought of that.

Paul Mitchell said...

See, you don't have to have a vagina to think about it all the time.

B Smith said...

Yeah, I love SP, would have preferred to see her on top (of the TICKET... get your mind outta the gutter, it's crowding mine...heh)
I've never been crazy about John McCain, and never less so than now. But whenever someone said I was just a bitter, white, racist gun-nut, I responded that, hey, I'd have voted for Condi Rice IN A HEARTBEAT.(I'm not a racist, but I gotta cop to the other charges.)
But I also have the feeling she wants no part of being in the Big Chair. For one thing, I think she's too smart to seek the office:POTUS is four years (per) of being kicked in the nuts, or whatever the female equivalent would be. And also, she's just too damn good at what she does now.
But... if she WERE to run, and ESPECIALLY if she had Palin on board, I'd sing all the way to the polls.

Paul Mitchell said...

B. Smith, you were my very favorite defensive end, even though you played in the Big 10 (11) and then for the Colts. Still, damn good player, sir. Thanks for the comment, I am honored. And start wearing the Super Bowl ring, too. If I had one, I would wear it every minute.

Dr. Rice has said on many occasions that elected office was not attractive to her, but she could be talked into it.

Anonymous said...

If Palin runs for President in 2012, at least she has name recognition going for her... but, at this point, that may not work in her favor

on-the-rocks said...

Unfortunately, the MSM is going to try their "level best" to destroy Sarah Palin.

Here is an off-the-wall suggestion, how about Palin/Gingrich?

Paul Mitchell said...

OTR, I was shocked yesterday when Newt said that he would be Republican Head Honcho. After the Republicans threw him under the bus, too.

Just like Palin, Newt raises the ire of the MSM. How exactly do we shut them down? I mean, they are going to be pretty hard to live with now that they have effectively won an election for a moron.

Steve B said...

I wanted to vote for Condi before Condi was cool.

Like Basil said, I'd tap that...button on the voting machine.

Gnasty said...

I wanted to vote for Condi before Condi was cool.

Like Basil said, I'd tap that...button on the voting machine.