Saturday, November 08, 2008

College Gameday - November 8, 2008 (UPDATED!!!)

The ESPN douchebags of that stupid footbaw show are in Baton Rouge. Dang, I hope they stay there and are never heard from again. Does Baton Rouge have electricity?

WEEK ELEVEN! Get the chips, salsa, and the fluffy slippers, it's Saturday. I'll be back later to check in on how much money we won!

UPDATE: Admit it, I am the kiss of death for any team. UGA pick, LOSER. Hogs/Cock pick: push. Rocky Top pick: LOSER. Maybe, just maybe, the Barn can eek this one out against TENN-Martin, it's close, remember, we didn't have a line on that one. Crap. 0-2, so far. I'm going to be generous, if I do not win the TWO games later, my push will be a loss, too. Maybe I can have three weekends where I lose every game, that would be suh-weet! Contrarian gambling rocks! Just thinking, do the Utes and the Horned Frogs both fall because they both suck, or do the Utes move to number one because they are undefeated? Just wondering, you know.


UPDATE 2: I got the Auburn game, ha, and the Bammeroid game, now for the Gate game. I actually have a chance to go 4-2 today, amazing. Come on, GATES!

UPDATE 3: Can we all agree that my push rolled to the last TWO games? I accepted the higher odds of winning two based on my past performance. If we agree, Deddy went 4-2 on the day. All in all, I would say that this weekend was by far my best performance to date, with the exception of one weekend. What about the rest of the games? Dang, the Big 12 South is sk-rong this year. If the voters will try to put together a good BCS Championship game this year, it has to pit the winner of the Big 12 against the winner of the SEC. Anything other than that, it is a joke.

And, can we all agree since uSCCC struggled so badly with the hapless Cal Nicklaus's, that we really don't have to hear about uSCCC anymore this year? Please?


Sylvester Croom is sitting in the field house right now, enjoying a cold beverage getting ready to knock off the number one Bammeroids next weekend. Joe Pa has a chance. UPDATE: Sorry, Joe Pa, but it is for the best and you know it.

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