Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bragging and Stuff

I know that a lot of folks blog just for the fun of it, but I blog for the G-L-O-R-Y! And by glory, I mean just to be more influential in Mississippi than The Jackson Free Press. They are like the Clarion-Ledger without the intelligence, if you could possibly imagine that.

(I have actually moved up to the third most influential blog overall, but am stuck at number two on the conservative list in Mississippi this week, but I'm even ahead of Y'all Politics. That is silly, Alan Lange at Y'all is friggin' awesome and his site is like actual news instead of the insane ravings of a madman. I am only one slot ahead of the Free Press this week in the political rankings, so hepp a brother out, yo.)

The image at the top of this post is last week's rankings, this image is the current listing. I stayed in second place in the Conservative rankings, but jumped to number three in the overall political rankings. Yay me! is a nationwide consortium that tries to help build blog traffic across the country and Conservative Belle is the Mississippi editor, their Mississippi page is HERE. You should go click on your state at that first link and support your local bloggers. Especially ME, if you live in Mississippi.

Here's what BlogNetNews does:
We conceived and built to help magnify and expand what's best about the blogosphere by growing the audience for local blogs. Our goal is to make the blogosphere more useful by making it easier for readers to find just the information they want quickly and easily while helping bloggers get better at what they do by providing them the information to more efficiently engage with their fellow bloggers and readers.

So, anyhoo, you need to sign up on BlogNetNews for your area and link to them to help build our medium even bigger. Get one of their buttons like I have under the sidebar link that reads "Special Stuff." I thoroughly believe that print media is dead. Next, we only have to kill the MSM ratings on television. Maybe next time around, we won't elect an admitted Marxist and suffer through four years of asinine stupidity.

Please take the time to comment and sign up on BlogNetNews.