Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Morning - Round the Reader

In the coming days, I am going to try to move away from the political aspects of the linkdumping, but there are so many good philosophical posts on the Bleggynets these days that it is hard to get out of the political mode. We know what we are about to deal with and we know that things are about to get really bad for those of us that actually produce and perform the tasks necessary for this country to function. It shall not be fun to watch the fruits of our labors become carrion for the vultures that have now taken control of the government. But, we shall persevere as we always have.

Make no mistake, folks, we have not lost the battle of the philosophical debates, their side has no philosophy. It is impossible to lose a battle where your enemy refuses to be defined. Let's get it ON!

Investor's Business Daily publishes a list of the gift bag of giveaways promised by The One. Print this article and use it daily. We are about to watch the Olympic Crawfishing Team go into action about all of those items that they cannot accomplish. The Internationalist Crawfishing Tournament begins in 3..2..1...

Whoops! We missed the starting gun of the competition! Barry Obama stated plainly on many different occasions, "I shall not have lobbyists in MY administration!" He lied. SHOCKER!

Barry said, "We are going to weed out the corruption in our government and take this country back to the principles that made us great." He lied. SHOCKER!

Barry said, "We shall end the war in Iraq." Like that was not the plan all along even from the Bush Administration?

Barry said, "We are the change that we have been waiting for!" His type of change is just more of the same old crap that really dumb people have always desired. Continuing the CRAWFISHING.

Obama said, "We are going to become responsible stewards of our future and our planet." Based on faulty science and submitting to BIG SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS. And still MORE.

When Chuck Norris says something, common sense tells you TO LISTEN. Well, unless you want a roundhouse kick to the throat.

Wonder why the Barrystream Media was so in the tank for the Obamoron. Naw, it couldn't have been FOR THE MONEY!

The Moneyballer decided to tell the tales of his experiences on Wall Street. And accidentally tells the scary story of how stupid you were to elect Obama.

I am so glad that Obama wants to go forward with passing the Equal Rights Amendment forcing men to pay for the increased healthcare cost of women. This seems like such a GOOD IDEA. What do you think that this will do to healthcare costs?

At Stop the ACLU, they posted three clips of a five part series of Ayn Rand on Donohue. Good stuff, but dang, Phil is a damn close talker. (I have the whole interview, downloaded from You Tube. Phil got his ass kicked.)

And here's the weekly address from the blithering moron that y'all elected. This sets the record for the most dishonest, stupid, ignorant, intellectually incurious, wrongheaded, dumb, silly, well you get the gist. Our presumed new president is a moron. Barf bags are required.

By the way, look straight across at that NUMBER THREE ranking for influence in Mississippi blogging. Thanks, folks.

Google announces the winners of their Code Jam. Is it weird that first and second places went to the Chinese developers? Well, in keeping with our philosophical ideas, that would be a big NO. Funny how the Communists kinda don't worry too much about political correctness, HUH?

And as long as we are on the Asian swing of our Sunday tour, wonder why them dang Japanese don't drop trou for the Obamessiah? Could it be because they are not stupid?

A final thought. The oppression caused by Obama's philosophical brethren has been avoided in the past. HERE's HOW.

And in case you are planning to implement the above mode of shirking your altruistic duties, you need to know something about digging and shit. Geology, by the butt load.

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