Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Breaking Site News!!!! (UPDATED!)

I have been asked, NAY! begged to become the new White House blogger for the Barry Sir Barack Obama administration. Since I am such a fervent supporter of President-Elect Obama, I gladly accepted.

Naw, I'm kidding. I wouldn't take the job even if he offered me 700 million dollars.

The site news is that I have decided to clean up this junky damn blog. I am going to reduce the size of the blogroll on the front page, ditch the bunch-a-button crap and move all the stuff to archive pages. I am certainly going to leave the BCS poll as a link!

Anyhoo, I read a bunch of stuff every single day, yet rarely even touch my blogroll anymore. Stuff that I read goes directly into the Google Reader and is read by me all day long. Don't believe me? Look. (Click the image, Doofus.)

The lowest reading percentage that I have on any of the one hundred fifty-seven blogs in my reader is 98%. If I link, I read. I'm crazy like that.

The reason that I am breaking this front page apart is because of repeated complaints of slow load times from exactly ONE of the regular readers here. ONE. I am not saying that others are not experiencing those slow loads, I am saying that ONE person e-mailed me and said, "You suck. The page is slow."

I am also trying to get the business site up and running before the end of the year and am planning on moving this crappy blog around the same time. That means a bunch of work archiving and moving, prolly.

New color, new scheme, actually spending money on this site to prepare for the inevitable shutdown of blogger.

Make your complaints known. I needs the input, main.

UPDATE: I slashed this thing down from 289kB to 168kB. I am going to try to work on the template with the comment section to lighten that up a little. There are no other things that I can do, unless you want me to kill the sidebar entirely, but I use that. If you will notice, the blogroll and the BCS Poll are now located under the "About Me and the Blog" widget and the Labels and Search functions have been combined. Enjoy.

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