Wednesday, November 05, 2008

NCAA Division I Playoff?

Pat Forde, surely you jest!

Before you get to reading the link, go get the fifth of vodka from the cupboard and drink every time you read a blurb about our new president-elect. A president-elect, I might add, that never played footbaw, never watched footbaw, and has the physique of a sixteen year old girl that plays video games all day long. SHIT, I gotta have Barry with my college footbaw now?

Look, this playoff thing is a great idea, but guess what, AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN! Here's why. There are currently two coaches that are fighting it tooth and nail. Those two coaches are entrenched at two very large schools that never play a single team that is remotely any good and they rarely lose games. Furthermore neither of those teams have to play a conference championship game.

AND insult to injury, sportswriters, LIKE YOU, PAT FORDE, vote those two teams to the top of the polls even though they NEVER play anyone that is any good.

A six-pack of donuts to anyone that can name the teams, name the coaches, and name the conferences.

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