Thursday, November 06, 2008

GOOG disagrees with Barry Obama pick.

In an effort to accomplish for Google what Clinton accomplished for Microsoft, Barry Obama has decided his first enemy in the philosophical fight for wealth distribution shall be GOOG. Since Senator Obama was elected, just two short days ago, Google has lost sixteen percent of its value.

AWESOME! Distribute that wealth, Barry! But, where in the Hell is that going? Understand, it is going nowhere. The value is just plummeting like a stone in a pond. Wonder what that is doing to our government revenue?

But, Larry Page and Sergey Brin are going to pay less in tax. Those evil, hideously wealthy, rich people are not going to pay their fair share. Barry's plan is working y'all, before it even has a chance to be implemented. Middle class tax cuts?

"Yeah, we have worked harder than we ever have, we just cannot find a way to implement those tax cuts right now."

Enjoy your toy, you bought and paid for it. Now, it's broken.

If you are actually paying attention, a good short term investment would be GUNS. November 2008 shall be remembered as the month that depleted all gun and ammo inventory from store shelves. Bang, bang.

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Yes, I understand that this is a very small sample size. But, why is GOOG dropping like folks from the Brooklyn Bridge? And why, if Barry will be good for the economy, is the S&P 500 off almost ten percent since the final tabulation in the presidential election? Or the Dow off eight percent? You broke it, you bought it.

Dude, it is Thursday morning. Dang, picks go up Friday. Anyhoo, ESPN's College Gameday is in Baton Rouge this weekend. It's the Geaux Tigers v. the Bammeroids.