Thursday, November 06, 2008

Talking Back to Morons - Part 5,000,000 (UPDATED!)

I make every attempt to give links to my contact information. The reason that I do that is because it is necessary when a single person sees something that they like and want information. Those intellectually curious people are few and far between. However, when you throw your opinion out there to the world and make no apologies for your utter belief in individuality and freedom, doo-doo heads seem to crawl out of the sewer. And dude, talking to them, corresponding with them, or going back and forth in text is damn difficult.

From an actual Google Message thread: (all sic are his)

Moron: Why do you hate african americans?

Me: Don't know any. "African" and "American" are capitalized by the way.

Moron: capatilized?

Me: No, capitalized. It means big letters.

Moron: You dn't no any african americns

Me: Never met one. Spellchecker is your friend.

Moron: president obama

Me: Huh?

Moron: president obama

Me: Your message is truncated, all I am getting is "president obama." which also is supposed to be capitalized. You went to public school, huh?

Moron: we ae going to fix things

Me: Is this Rahm Emanuel? I always knew that you were a moron.

Moron: just wate.

Me: Goodness gracious, you are as dumb as a bucket of turds. Later.

Oh joy, the healing has begun.

By the way, stupidity is not restricted to the Moonbats, the 'Horns that are "conservative Democrats" get into the stupidity pool TOO.

Keep coming back for all of your college footbaw and political parallelisms.

UPDATE: Make no mistake, there ARE still racists among us. WEED them from the herd. Yes, that includes Barry Obama.

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Anonymous said...

Haha good stuff.

Christopher Hamilton

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks for the kind words, Sire Hamilton.

Sorry, Hamilton just always makes me think of English royalty for some reason. Ah, Sire Hamilton, welcome to my crappy blog.

Sarah M. Arnold said...

hahaha... wow. usually my conversations with morons end a lot sooner than that. ;)

Paul Mitchell said...

One of us is nicer than the other, The Other Sarah, which one could that be?

Sarah M. Arnold said...

probably not me... I have no tolerance for stupidity or ignorance.

Paul Mitchell said...

Me neither, but I have to be nice about it. I'm too old to get beat up.

Skunkfeathers said...

I'm older than you, TD, and despite agreeing that I'm too old to get beat up, I don't have to be nice about it. But it's more fun to string ignorance along, and let it display itself.

Paul Mitchell said...

But, you do it in such a nice manner, Skunks.

Sarah M. Arnold said...

and I couldn't fight off an attack if someone wanted to beat me up (physically--verbally, and I'd beat the crap out of them first). *shrugs*

Steve B said...

You can't be president and hold dual citizenship, so Obama can't be an African-American.

Of course, he's said that the doesn't really see himself as an American, either, so no one's really sure what he is.

I've got a few pretty good ideas about what he ISN'T, though.

Anonymous said...

We may not agree on politics, but you do crack me up! ;)

Anonymous said...

We may not agree on politics, but you do crack me up!

Paul Mitchell said...

Tully, if you will hit the "About Page," you will see that I call this a humor blog. Yeah, I talk about politics a bunch, but I never take things too seriously. I ain't got time for that shit.

Keep coming back, I need a lefty commenter that has a sense of humor, Erik doesn't come around too much anymore.

Anonymous said...

I’m thinking that Erik is just drained from fighting the good fight…being in the thick of things in election central might do that to a person! He’ll come back around when he’s had time to detox from all this election drama!

As for me, I will be sticking around…I love someone with the ability to make me laugh.

Paul Mitchell said...

Erik and I crossed paths way back, I miss his sissy DC talk.