Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Daily Bad News Links

The past forty-eight hours have been a turbulent ride for anyone that is employed and is currently squirreling away acorns for their future. All told, Barry Obama has cost investors a mere 14.5% of their money. The fun part about this is that money no longer exists. Anywhere. When the market falls, that money is NOT redirected to someone that invested in something that goes up in conjunction. THERE IS NO FINITE AMOUNT OF WEALTH. You do not give rich folks tax cuts on the backs of the poor, because those two things are not diametrically opposed. That money lost just goes away to no one.

What do the Democrats do? They propose confiscating the money invested in 401ks to give to Social Security. In other words, since you have been responsible with your money, planned for the future, and scrimped, clawed, and fought to save money to take care of yourself, they want to give your earnings to someone else. There is your philosophical opposition, smart people. If you voted for Obama, you put the knife to your own throat and drew the blade across. Minimally, we have two years to endure this madness.

Also, from the jump, the Obamoron has joined hands across the aisle with, wait, that's not right, they have lurched even further to the left, if that is possible, by appointing a corrupt former Freddie Mac embezzler to White House Chief of Staff. We welcome the new addition to the family that shares Barry's crazy-ass leftwingaganda, and strangely enough LOOKS like Barry, well kinda. I am really wondering who Barry's real father is. Got that birth certificate, yet, President-Elect Obama? David Drake has MORE on Emanuel.

Not only does the Obamoron Administration want reparations for people that were never enslaved in this country, they are now entertaining the idea of reparations for Iraqis. Shit, hell, damn, y'all screwed me.

Already, the national vocabulary has been dumbed down to depths previously unknown by people that did not call fire, "argh." Sustainable Capitalism? YOU ARE SHITTING ME!

Obama stiffs his campaign workers. They immediately REFUSE to spread the wealth around. "I want my money." Shut up, bitch. Did I miss something? Where did that 700 million dollars go?

Good Terrifying news from Wall Street. IF you get to keep your 401k. Douchebags are by law forced to wear Burberry. Am I right, Ev?

Barry's Victory Rave had some WEED.

You know, this race has been confroosing to me. Was it about RACE or NOT?

Meanwhile, uber-asshole, Joe Biden, rolled around his slave state of Delaware to assure those folks that he is all about SOME SLAVERY. Barry is his BOY, you know.

Oh, well, another day, another dumbass comes to get my money. We lose some, we lose some.

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