Friday, November 14, 2008

Chastised for not being wrong early enough?

I am contemplating changing the labels of my posts to the names of certain people that actually like those types of posts. Label this one "(Dead) Tommy 5." This is from the mailbag....I'm sick of this shit, it is 2:15 pm on a Friday and you don't have your damn footbaw picks up. WTF? Love ya, mean it, (Dead) Tommy 5.

So, we know our task and we shall perform.

No. 10 UGA at Da' Barn (+9 o/u 47.5). Which UGA team will show up? Your guess is as good as mine. Holy cow Da' Barn is turrrriball this year. But, I have a great idea. Why don't y'all ditch Tommy and hire Ty Willingham? That would make y'all great in the eyes of the Black Coaches and Somebody else that is Black Association. Going on nothing but past performance and really, really bad offense coming from Da' Barn, let's take UGA and the over.

Somebody from Somewhere (+22.5 o/u 54) at Klantown. Ole Miss has outperformed every single prediction from every person involved with college footbaw this year. Saturday shall be no different. I cannot even remember who they play, because this looks to be the most boring game in the entire Bowl Championship Conference this weekend. Negrohaters and the over.

No. 25 'Cocks! (+22 o/u 49) at No. 4 Gates. Uh, Spurrier v. Spurrier Jr. at Spurrierville? Yeah, buddy. I'm pulling for Spurrier. This game should not even be close. The Gates should blow the 'Cocks.......out of the water. I want everyone in the top five to come completely unglued so we can have an SEC v. SEC matchup in the BCS Championship game. But, that cannot happen because the Pre-BCS Championship Game, known as the National Championship Game is held every year in Atlanta. Why is the BCS after the National Championship Game? That is weird. Gates and the over.

No. 118 We Suck (+22.5 o/u 41) at No. 1 Bammer. Uh oh. We Suck has not proven anything at all this entire season, so this has SEC UPSET written all over it. The Sabear is certainly going to have his work cut out for him getting the Bammeroids up for this game. This is not impossible for the Sabear, but is going to be tough. All algebraic signs point to a record breaking weekend for Bammer, but can the Sabear deliver? The Magic 8 Ball says, "Fuck yes, are you stupid?" Bammeroids and the over.

That guy from the A&P parking lot (+16.5 o/u 54) at No. 20 Geaux Tigers. LSU is not good this year, but Holy Shit, look at the mullet on that guy they are playing! His Trans-Camaro has the flames on it, too. Troy actually put up a good fight against tOSU earlier...wait, what the Hell am I saying? I just started to compare a really bad SEC team to a Big 10(11) team. Sorry, to all you Cajun Crawtater-eating Bayou Swampbillies, I lost my place there for a second. Geaux Tigers and the UNDER.

The Swashbuckling Engineers (+4 o/u 38.5) at Bluegrass Bumpkins. *Yawn* Huh? Oh right. This match-up has the possibility of being the most...zzzzzzzzzzz.....numm, numm, numm..........zzzzzzzzzzz.....huh? Yeah............zzzzzzzzzzz..........wha? Oh, sorry..........zzzzzzzzzzz.....zzzzzz. V...zzzz..a.....zzzz...nd..y.....over.

Can't wait until tomorrow!!!!! Yeehaw! College FOOTBAW!!!!!!

By the way, praise the Lord, Tennessee doesn't have to play this weekend. Fillip Phulmer had the gun to his temple already worrying if that buyout check would bounce. Is there intelligent life in Knoxville? All mathematical evidence says, "NO."

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