Friday, November 14, 2008

Da Linkdump - and Some Awarding (UPDATED!!!)

Internet people sure are friendly and stuff. 'Member that blog that I was asked to contribute insanity on my political views? Well, Coffee Bean (not my Bean) gave me this award for my participation. Really it was just because I curtailed the cussing on her blog and to make Roland mad, but you know wimmen, huh?

So, let's put the frog brain to work with today's linkdump. It is an across the aisle fist bump. Let's give props to the Party in Power, that has led to the utter collapse of the financial markets, which today is just down -228.43 -292.70 -358.41 -258.53 +135 -337.94 (I am going to get seasick!) UPDATE: Bleegh, patooie! at this moment, so far surpassing any other presidential election week that we can chalk yet another win up for the Obamessiah and his legacy that hasn't even begun to destroy this country. He is historic in everything that he does. spBarney spFrank caused this plummet by opening his filthy mouth right after the close of business yesterday. What a maroooon! (Hat-tip: David Drake for the "spBarney spFrank" which always makes the Baby Jesus laugh every time he sees that. To fully appreciate this tidbit of sarcasm, you have to know who spBarney spFrank is. Do your homework!)

Diving straight into the shallow end head first, Barry Obama has started sending out invitations to all the people that were complicit in the sub-prime meltdown to put together his cabinet. Countrywide Mortgage gave Barry a list of the Special Folks that they gave VIP mortgages to so Barry could pick directly from that list for his cabinet. The first invitation went out to GAYLORD Kent Conrad, my expose' on this moron, HERE. GAYLORD is kinda turning down the position, because he is a Democrat and we all know that Democrats do not like black people too much. HELL! Why do you think that GAYLORD moved to North Dakota to begin with? He's really probably turning down the position because he doesn't want to have to get out of bed to do any damn work. He's a Democrat, you know.

Another blithering moron that Barry wants to hepp out with that massive debt looming in her campaign LOCKBOX, is Hillary Clinton. He is tapping those cankles for the post of Sec State. Look, I know that seventeen people voted for this moron in the Democrat primaries, but do you not realize that we have finally gotten rid of the fucking CLINTONS!?!?!?! Dammit, Barry, we know you are stupid and have to repay all of your campaign debt, but really, CLINTON? You are dumber than we thought. Sec State makes her fourth in line for the presidency, do you really want to die, not to mention Joe Biden, and Nancy Pelosi, to die, too? Wait, nevermind. That was a stupid question. My bad.

'Member that Barry had to run back to Hawaii to see his ailing grandmother all of the sudden? Why is he skipping the memorial? Oh, that's right, the governor of Hawaii already sealed his birth certificate.


We all know that when government attempts to do anything other than give big dust to the military, it screws things up on a monumental scale, but really, do you want to drive cars made by Democrats? Naw, me neither. Hmmmm, wonder why Detroit sucks so bad?

Thank goodness the Supremes upheld the BILL OF RIGHTS.

Thoughts to ponder, Gay Terrorists. I guess that you didn't realize that pretty much all Muslims are gay, huh? That "ransom note" just cracks me up. What are you going to do, Mr. Gay Terrorist, kiss me? Ooooo, that's scary. Dang.

Does it shock anyone that the Dallas school system would give a bunch of second language teachers fake Social Security numbers so they could teach? Okay, let's put this together, Metro-area, school administration, high Hispanic population, equals, what? DEMOCRATS!!!!!

No sooner than Barry gets elected, we have already solved the Global Warming crisis. Now, we are going to freeze. Folks, this climate hysteria has gotten stupidly, insanely asinine. Quit it. Democrats belong to the "reality based community." Reality from where?

Thank goodness we now know who has the best kiddie pr0n. Senator Barbara Boxer.

Normal people know that we are staring down a four year long double barreled shotgun. For two solid years, the Barrystream Media has been in the position to actually put a halt to Obama's insanity, yet have failed to do their job. Well, unless their job is to give free advertising to an idiot. But, they have forced his awesomeness down our throats for so long that dumbasses bought into it, hook, line, and sinker. Now, that same media is flailing backwards against the rushing river of HOPE/CHANGE to try to slow the moron waterfall. Good luck.

Ellen, whoever the Hell you are, shut the Hell up. Holy shit, I thought that was Owen Wilson, who knew that he was a gay woman with a talk show? Who the Hell watches TALK SHOWS?

Okay, the fact that there exist so many folks that drank Obama-Aid it is scary. But, the irony? Last night CNN aired "Escape from Jonestown." YES, they were Democrats, you know that. But, did you know that they were Jimmy Carter Sheeple? By the way, Mike Gravel, the only honest Democrat, lurved him some Jim Jones. And LOOK AT THIS!

If you work for a company that doesn't want you to spend 90% of your day reading this blog, try Vanishd. You know what is important.

What I find so surprising here lately is that with all the technology at our fingertips, we have still yet to surpass the CGI contained in this video made about thirty years ago. This is so realistic that I stayed up all night shivering in fear from the stark realism. The more things change, the more they stay the same. And I'll be back later with the picks.

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