Saturday, November 01, 2008

College Gameday - November 1, 2008 (UPDATED!)

The information for which you search is this: ESPN's College Gameday Loser Squad is in Tulsa. Just kidding, they're in Lubbock.

I could hardly sleep last night. I felt like a seven year old knowing that I would get that GI Joe Mobile Command Station and today was Chrimmus.

We jump into the last third of the season today. Dreams are kept alive and some are dashed upon the rocks of the lowly underdog's stadium walls. There is nothing more exciting than the smell of grilling brats, the brisk fall wind, the sounds of the bands cranking up in the distance, being stupefyingly D-RUNK. You and your friends doing stupid crap and getting arrested, having to blow in the tube, well, you know, it's GAMEDAY!!!! Updates to follow.

UPDATE: With my first follow up, I took the Ole Miss game, but missed the o/u, won the Razorhogs, with a win on the o/u. The We Suck game, I am losing right now, oh joy! Looking like I am outta the gate at 2-1, huh? Looking okay on the Bammeroid game, and a little behind on the UGA pick. I'll be back soon.

UPDATE 2: Well, started off 2-1, picked up Bammer, but lost the UGA pick, so I'm's at 3-2. Two more SEC games, and the duck pick of the week. Wish me luck.

UPDATE 3: I come into this update at 3-2, doing better than I have done all season and what in the Hell happens? I kill Texas, slaughter LSU, and pick up the 'Cocks. Yay! I wind up the weekend at 4-4! I perfect Jackie Sherrill kinda weekend, I am awesome! What I want to know is exactly when are teams going to start sending me money for picking their opponent to win? There should be some profit in it for me, don't ya' think?

By the way, uSCCC SHOULD drop out of the Top 20 for barely beating Washington. i had the o/u at 80 and uSCCC came up mighty short, so......


As the day winds down, this is what happens when you leave the stadium. Be careful.

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