Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Very Humble Barry Obama

Bean received this in an e-mail from her grandmother with the text, "It just looks right."

Bean added the line, "My grandmother has eaten from the crazy tree."

I laughed.

But, does THIS look right?

How about, THIS? Do you think that Obama will do anything about illegal aliens living in this country, when one of them is his own damn aunt? And if his entire family lives in poverty while he makes over four million dollars a year, why do you wrongly think that he cares about you? Oh, because you are stupid? I get it. (His aunt donated some of her illegal government handout money to Barry's campaign, and yes THAT is illegal, too.)

Furthermore, SCOTUS has been asked to halt the election until Barry proves his eligibility to run. THIS should be fun. Why does Barry Obama refuse to release his birth certificate? That is just stupid, UNLESS, there is a problem, you know.

Not to put too much emphasis on the moron's moonbattery, but Orpah has already started the "Voting Machine tried to disenfranchise me" hysteria, HERE.

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