Saturday, November 22, 2008

College Gameday - November 22, 2008 (UPDATED!!)

UPDATE NUMERO UNO: If you only look at one thing other than college footbaw today, for the love of Baby Jesus, MAKE IT THIS! Or maybe THIS would excite you more.

In case you are trying to find out where Chris, Lee, and Kirk are fellating each other today, I'm guessing they are in Norman, OK with an industrial size tub of Vaseline, a feather duster, and a rib-spreader. It should be nasty. As it always is.

WEEK 13!!!!! Yee-haw!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roderick, Tech is +7, with an o/u of 76. Yes, the NUMBER TWO team in the nation is the dog at the number five team's joint. <--I said "joint." Gametime is 7:00pm Central and temps should be around 40 degrees. Winds are average, around 600,000,000 mph. Oddly, Vegas makes their money picking these games, and ESPN clearly does NOT, advantage Vegas. Home field advantage counts for something in College Footbaw, but I am discounting this today (I am a contrarian bettor) and going with the Red Raiders and the UNDER.

Sly, thowin' up da gang sign! He be a big balla'. If We Suck wins THREE of their last two games, they become bowl eligible, too!

Get your gear on, folks. Well, if you are a uSCCC fan, put on your thong and wife-beater with your flip-flops, tell your boyfriend, Kevyn, to bring in the Merlot, and sit down to some nice fellatio and butt-loving. Homos.

For those of you that live in the South where real footbaw is played, we are light on games this week, with only one actual game to watch, Klansville v. Geaux Tigers. We Suck and da Razorhawgs, puhlease. But, some other colleges across the nation have cheerleaders, too. See if you can find them. Screenshots of all scantily clad college girls are accepted as currency at this blog, sir/ma'am/undecided.

UPDATE DOS: Well, the Vols pulled the first game out. I didn't call the o/u, strange. I have no idea how I missed that. But, I start the day 1-0. tOSU played WAY over their heads, and I went with the heart on that one. 1-1. The Gates are doing exactly what we knew they would to the Citadel. 2-1. We Suck looks pretty good at the half, and the KKK is doing good in Crawtaterville. Watch some baw!

UPDATE TRES: Does it hurt at all that I went 4-0 in SEC play, today? No, I did not get the o/u on the We Suck game, but somehow I just don't feel that bad about it. Got the Tee-Tee game and the Beaver game left. I'll be back to wind it up. So far, 4-1.

UPDATE QUATRO: Well, well, well, G_d did have my back with the Beaver. Four seconds left and the Beaver wins it with a field goal. Oddly enough, I did not pick a o/u on this one either. Who the Hell is checking my work these days and when will they come to my office to get fired for their failure. Tee-Tee ain't looking real sk-rong rat now. So, it looks to be a 5-2 weekend for the Dog's picks unless the Red Raiders come from the tunnel after halftime on fiyah!


Da' Trojans SUCK. Da' Trojans SUCK! (and so does tOSU)

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