Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Morning Linkdump

I shall be traveling today, so I can't check in on y'all. I was hoping that at least the AP rankings would be released, but no such luck. I am assuming that the AP will allow Oklahoma to jump Florida, which makes no sense to thinking people, so it should happen that way. For all practical purposes, it should be Bammeroids at number one, and Da Gates at number two. This hasn't been done in a while or maybe it has, I just don't know and don't care.

The SEC has a championship game. So does the Big 12. Sooooooooo.

To da dump, to da get it.

Since Hell has obviously frozen over, go get you a sampling of Guns N Roses Chinese Democracy. Oh, and you will get a free Dr. Pepper, too. I would rather drink vomit and listen to a cat getting tortured.

Yesterday, while we were all watching great games and enjoying the Saturday, Nigel was watching Wash State v. Wash. THEY WERE A COMBINED 1-21. And since they are in the PAC-10, they are both bowl eligible. <--That's a joke.

The WSJ throws their egghead-shaped hat in the ring to talk about BOWL GAMES and Obama's playoff suggestions.

Barry needs to hurry up and do something about that championship, you know, in case that Supreme Court battle to PROVE HIS ELIGIBILITY goes poorly for the Obamessiah.

And while we are waiting to be able to root for our favorite tean in that Court Playoff, go pick up some OBAMA SWAG.

With all the idiotic talk about green jobs and stupid bullshit like that, we have NEW CARS to think about.

Basil is supporting the auto companies bailouts, I LIKE HIS IDEAS.

Even The New York Times thinks that bailing out the auto industry is a BAD IDEA. Remind me who exactly thinks that it is a good one?

Since all of the readers here are of superior intelligence, we are always being asked stupid questions by stupid people. The unlimited amount of these questions that we are asked shortens our lifespan, but at least we can make those question askers feel stupid without them KNOWING IT.

Larry King has officially become another Jerry Springer. When someone has a vagina, uterus, and all female organs, you really cannot call her A MAN.

Why do we still use the desription "McCarthyism," when he was CLEARLY RIGHT in his suspicions? To get Obama elected, of course.

As long as Barney Frank is going to be a player in the new Moron Government, you need to have a playbook to go by to keep from getting in awkward situations. Watch, make notes, learn.

I'll see you later on tonight. Gotta get to the shower and the airport.

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