Friday, November 28, 2008

Cuddles from the Religion of Peace

I guess that y'all have all heard about the Religion of Peace missionaries going door-to-door in Bombay, right? Yes, Mumbai IS Bombay, and it was named "Bombay" in the 1500's, but get some ignorant morons in the city to change the name to "Mother." And yes, that is where all of India's money is. And the controls to their NUCLEAR capability. And the fifth largest metropolitan population in the world. All living in Mother.

In case you haven't heard, HERE's the BBC video of current events in this "Spread the message of the Religion of Peace and Allah's awesomesness."

So far, the Muslim missionaries have converted 125 folks and 327 more are considering converting.

Thank goodness that Supreme Leader Obama shall be taking over from the feckless Chimpy McHitlerburton in January. SL Obama has been correct on every little tidbit of his prediction regarding India and Pock-ee-stahn SO FAR.

If you are a Christian, you are probably reading your Bible right now wondering why all of these occurrences seem so "deja vu-ish."

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