Friday, November 28, 2008

Da' Games

*College Gameday is being held in Stillwater, OK at the Cowboys and Sooners game.*

I have been so damn busy the past three days that I have not had time to think about the truly important things, like college footbaw. Now, that I finally have a minute to spare with Bean not all up in my damn grille, the first game of the weekend has already started. And it is looking much like I expected. Croom is toast, folks.

1:50 0:41 to go to the half, and We Suck (+18.5 o/u 48) is LOSING 24-0 31-0. SHOCKER!

Losing to Ole Miss is NOT to be tolerated by the morons that do not understand that Mississippi State SUCKS and always has. Oh well, please know that I have always been a supporter of Da Croominator because I know the depths of the suckitude of which We Suck is capable. Others? Not so much.

What about the rest of the games? Glad that you asked.

Geaux Tigers tee it up at Deliverance U (+7 o/u 53.5) at 2:40. I like this match-up. True GTU is not very good this year by SEC standards, but Razorhogs are even worse. This really should be a good game. Geaux Tigers and the UNDER.

No. 22 GT Bumblebees (+7.5 o/u 48) at No. 11 UGA. Here it is in a nutshell. This year has been disappointing for UGA. True, they are ranked number eleven, but judging by the end of the season last year and the buncha talent on the squad, UGA was every thinking person's pick for National Champion this year. If they played in the PAC-10 or the Big 10 (11), they would have not allowed a single point and would be undefeated right now, but alas, they play in the Championship Conference and NO screw-ups are allowed. I see true revenge being taken out on the Engineers for UGA's failures. UGA and the over.

'Cocks at Clemson (PK o/u 40.5). Spurrier and the over. This means that Clemson shall continue to be as hapless as they have been all year. If you shall recall, every yapping maw on ESPN thought that Clemson would win the ACC this year and be a national championship contender. Not so much. That continues ESPN's stellar record breaking feat of NEVER being right about anything. Jason Whitlock agrees with me, even though I disagree with his take on Ball State. (Hat-tip: Sultan)

The Barn (14.5 o/u 40.5) at No. 1 Bammeroids. Oh shit, this game is terrifying for everyone concerned. Bammer has to blow the War Eagle out, folks. Tupperware is the one SEC coach that should be fired this year, too. Bammer and the OVER and the undefeated record in the SEC. Then on to the National Championship Game against Gates on December 6th. I shall never understand why the national championship game happens even before the bowls. Isn't that kinda crazy?

No. 4 Gates at No. 20 Criminoles (+16.5 o/u 55.5). Turban Miers shall have the Gates ready for this one, is is simply a team scrimmage in preparation for the title game. Look for the Gates to score over 500 points and win by thirty touchdowns.

Hillbillies (+3.5 o/u 38) at Rocky Top. I hope Phellout Fullmess just lets the Vols get killed. It would serve the entire nation of Moronville to get what is legitimately their due. Knoxville, you deserve the heaping helpings of suckness that y'all are about to become. But, still Fillmore is a stud, that would be welcome at any intelligent footbaw program, he'll do his damn job and Vols win with the over.

Bilt (+7 o/u 38) at Arnold Palmer Memorial University. Wake was ranked on and off this year, which means nothing. SEC and the over. Even though it is Vandy.

The other two games that matter are the Okie State (+7 o/u 75.5) v. Okie game and the Oregon State (+3 o/u 58)v. Oregon game.

I shall root for the Cowboys over the Sooners in the first lower tier game, and the Beavers in the second. Understand, I am probably keeping an eye on that Oregon State game more than any other game this week. If State wins, uSCCC doesn't go to the Rose Bowl, they have to travel and get the shit beat out of them.

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