Thursday, November 20, 2008

Less Than Two Years

Well, since CNN has actually published the good news, I guess that I shall pass it along.

It took the Democrats less than two years to undo everything that has been accomplished by Republicans since the invention of Ronald Reagan.

Notice the title of their article, then look at the subheading. Kinda contradictory, huh?

Do you think that maybe there exists someone that can tell Democrats that their official policies relating to the economy/jobs might be kinda stupid? Or maybe we just need another round of minimum wage increases to correct things.

Thank goodness we have a butt-load of HOPE/CHANGE coming down the tracks, y'all.

And in case you do not know what a "butt-load" of HOPE/CHANGE resembles, a crack-up on the highway, IT IS NOT. Kentucky rules, I tell ya.

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