Thursday, November 20, 2008

Linkdump and a Contest

I am going to hold a contest for the next week. The contest ends next Wednesday, November 26, 2008. I want all three of you readers to scour the Wurlwhileblegs and send me YOUR favorite site. I do not care if it is a blog, retail site, news site, or anything, just YOUR favorite. Think about navigation, content, appearance, and all-around awesomeness. The winner, judged by Bean and me, shall receive a twenty-five dollar gift card from anywhere of your choosing. I MEAN ANYWHERE of your choosing. Even Dickie's Orgasmic Marital Aids Farm. There is no limit to the number of times that you can enter this contest and every single one of the entries shall be judged.

Now for the DUMP.

I claim innocence in the sudden appearance of the dumbest human being ever to live, it ain't my fault and I shall slave to the end of my lifetime to place that blame directly at the feet of the responsible person. Hopefully the blame for this heinous act will look somewhat like the chewed carcasses of seventy squirrels. Yes, this blog has awarded MORON OF THE EPOCH to none other than Joy Behar. Seriously, there should be a law that keeps this douchebag from ever opening her mouth. The First Amendment should not apply to her. Behar should start her mornings with beatings from someone that was trained by John McCain's captors in Viet Nam. Barbara Walters should also receive the very same beatings for ever foisting upon our society a show as inane and stupid as "The View."

Missouri FINALLY decides that their state shall be forever enshrined in the halls of "Those Not to be Blamed for the Obamoron." Thank you, Missouri, but you know, it didn't help enough. But still, no dead squirrel carcasses for you.

Is it just me, or does the name "e-Harmony" SCREAM homosexual dating site? Anyhoo, the government FORCES PRIVATE BUSINESS to do something that government desires. Is that FASCISM? I am on record numerous times stating that every single one of my friends is gay. EVERY SINGLE ONE, even if they are married to someone of the opposite sex. Especially Teeerrrrrrrrr.

Here's a post letting you know how AWESOME the Democrat Congress has been in restoring confidence lost in the market since Chimpy McHallihitler became DICTATOR in the US.

Since we reelected Bill Clinton, things have gone from awesome to AWESOMER. Change you can believe in. I do believe that the new, young President-Elect-For-Life is skeered of him some Clinton.

The Runner-up for Moron of the Epoch blames the disappearance of the Mayans on MANMADE GLOBAL WARMING. Why didn't we elect this guy to be president back in 2000? "Al's journal," holy shit, what a marrrrooooooon.

Thankfully, John McCain had something to fall back upon when he LOST THE DAMN ELECTION. It is increasingly harder for me to believe that Sarah Palin hitched her moose to this snowmobile.

My NEW FAVORITE WEBSITE. There is nothing more awesome in this webbysphere than EYES that follow your cursor about the page. How in the world did they do that? It is so professional, doesn't it just scream "Buy my uniforms?"

Meanwhile, Ev sends this in on the goings on back at BCS Headquarters......

Get your entries in, folks. The money is burning a hole in my pocket.

Please take the time to comment.


Autumn Haven said...

my best friend homeschools 3 or her 5 children (the two youngest are only 3, and 20 months). Her third grader is doing stuff in his regular math studies that my public schooled fifth grader is doing in his 'advanced' math class. I would love to homeschool, but my kids Dad wouldn't allow it.

Behar needs a reality check.

Paul Mitchell said...

Amy Jo, quit being so heartless and cruel, Behar is a moron, she cannot help it.

As far as home schooling goes, I couldn't do it because I cannot stand to be around my son that long. I sent him to a private school that practices my brand of corporal punishment. When checking out the schools, I just asked, "Do y'all beat the kids?" When the first headmaster finally admitted that he did, I signed the boy up, paying 45 extra dollars a month for daily beatings. It has been worth the money.

Negative reinforcement is ALWAYS the best teacher.

Marginalized Action Dinosaur said...

not sure why,