Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Quick Check on the Dow

Yep, the Obamessiah has got his work cut out for himself. First, he needs to become someone else that doesn't have a huge history of being utterly ANTI-business, Pro-labor, and pro-poverty. This is going to be the very first MAGIC from The One that the market shall expect.

Just so you know, the Dow closed down today, 427.27 at 7997.28. We have not gotten back to the level of the CLINTON Recession, but we are damn close. The Democrats, in a very short two years, have erased every bit of the gains made by the Republicans. SHOCKER.

We should go ahead and just inaugurate the Obamoron RIGHT NOW. Maybe then we can move the midterm elections up, too and get rid of the Democrats that are killing our economy, our jobs, and our wealth.

Voter Tests should become mandatory.

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Steve B said...

eh-hemm. When reality meets rhetoric.

I find it interesting that the people who actually manage money understand what an Obama presidency will mean for American businesses.

So where were all these suckers on election day? I'll be there's a lot of 48%-ers on the ol' stock exchange floor.